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The Commentary Track podcast

Posted: Tue Apr 25, 2017 6:27 pm
by Frank Thompson
I'm currently running a campaign on GoFundMe to bring back my podcasts, The Commentary Track and Radio Movies.

The Commentary Track is devoted to discussing film history and my guests have included Kevin Brownlow, Rudy Behlmer, David Shepard, Sam Gill, John Bengtson, Brent Walker and Silent Comedy Mafia's own Richard M Roberts.

If you can make a contribution, it would be much appreciated. There are more details on the GoFundMe site but if you have additional questions, please be in touch. ... aign=upd_n


Frank Thompson

Re: The Commentary Track podcast

Posted: Mon May 15, 2017 5:03 pm
by Richard M Roberts
Hey, while we're at it, Frank Thompson still needs more bucks to fund his reboot of THE COMMENTARY TRACK and if you haven't given, go do it dammit!

You may not realize just how important a podcast this is to our little community of interest, Frank is actually doing a major thing in preserving not just film history, but the history of film history. He managed to capture in-depth interviews with people like David Shepard and Bob Birchard who are no longer with us, and people like Rudy Belhmer who are not in shape to give in-depth interviews anymore. These interviews are not only very entertaining, but are preserving the story of how old film was rediscovered and cherished by the people who got the word out. These interviews should be available for future generations who should know and remember these people and he should continue to do them because they're also so damn entertaining and informative to listen to. This is an extremely worthwhile project, give what you can and spread the word out there for others to do so as well.


Re: The Commentary Track podcast

Posted: Sat Aug 05, 2017 7:30 pm
by Richard M Roberts
Several weeks ago, Paul Gierucki posted another plug to fund Frank Thompson's THE COMMENTARY TRACK around Facebook and it got a number of "likes", but when you looked at all the names attached, not one of them actually contributed to Frank's GOFundMe campaign.

Ya know, "hitting your 'like' button" is also a euphemism for masturbation, which appears to be what most of you are doing on Facebook. This is important dammit, the amount of important information dispensed on Frank's COMMENTARY TRACK show is incredibly diverse and important, as well as being darn entertaining in terms of intelligent conversation on the podwaves, an extremely rare commodity these days. If a DVD of a few silent movies most folk can care less about can make their nut, so the hell should something like this. Frank is preserving the voices of the generation of historians who actually dug and saved and made the information of this area of interest we love available to us, he's preserving the preservationists who never get enough credit, appreciation , and certainly money.

Go give this money for cryin out loud! If this thing doesn't make it's pledge goals, it will frankly confirm my suspicions that a majority of you out there are really just a bunch of wankers.