LC's Silent Film Collector's Project Update

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LC's Silent Film Collector's Project Update

Postby Rob Farr » Thu Nov 16, 2017 6:02 pm

The Library of Congress' Steve Leggett posted this on Facebook:

Some of the 375 titles borrowed from collectors and scanned (thanks Amy Jo Stanfill and others) for the Board's Silent Film Collectors Project

Below The Deadline 1929 J. P. McGowan Frank Leigh ('beau' Nash) No holdings in archives
Big Pal 1925 John G. Adolfi William Russell (Dan Williams) No holdings in archives
Border Vengeance 1925 Harry Webb Jack Perrin (Wes Channing) No holdings in U.S. archives
Clear The Decks 1929 Joseph E. Henabery Reginald Denny (Jack Armitage) No holdings in archives
Daring Deeds 1927 Duke Worne Billy Sullivan (William Gordon, Jr.) No holdings in archives
East Side--West Side 1923 Irving Cummings Eileen Percy (Lory James) Kenneth Harlan (Duncan Van Norman) No holdings in U.S. archives
Eyes Right 1926 Louis Chaudet Francis X. Bushman, Jr. (Ted Winters) No other archival holdings
Fighting American, The 1924 Tom Forman Pat O'malley (Bill Pendleton) No other archival holdings
Fourth Commandment, The 1927 Emory Johnson Henry Victor (Gordon Graham) No holdings in archives
Golden Trails
(AKA Golden Trail, the) 1927 W.M. Bertram Dick Carter No holdings in archives
Guardians Of The Wild 1928 Henry Macrae Rex (Himself, A Horse) No holdings in archives
Hoofbeats Of Vengeance 1929 Henry Macrae Rex (Himself, A Horse) No holdings in archives
Hurricane Hal 1925 Paul Hurst Jack Meehan No holdings in archives
Ice Flood, The 1926 George B. Seitz Kenneth Harlan (Jack De Quincy) No other archival holdings
Kiss In The Dark, A 1925 Frank Tuttle Adolphe Menjou (Walter Grenham) No holdings in archives
Lash Of The Whip 1924 Francis Ford Ashton Dearholt ('pinto Pete') No holdings in archives
Raffles, The Amateur Cracksman 1925 King Baggot House Peters (Raffles) No holdings in U.S. archives
Ridin' Wild 1925 Leon De La Mothe William Barrymore as Kit Carson (Jim Warren) No holdings in U.S. archives
Rustler's End, The 1928 Robert J. Horner Al Hoxie No holdings in archives
Soul Of The Beast, The 1923 John Griffith Wray Madge Bellamy (Ruth Lorrimore) No other U.S. archival holdings
South Of Panama 1928 Charles J. Hunt Carmelita Geraghty (Carmelita) No holdings in U.S. archives
The Still Alarm 1926 Edward Laemmle Helene Chadwick (Lucy Fay) No holdings in archives
Stop At Nothing 1924 Charles R. Seeling George Larkin No holdings in U.S. archives
Sunshine Of Paradise Alley 1926 Jack Nelson Barbara Bedford (Sunshine O'day) No holdings in U.S. archives
Unknown Ranger, The 1920 Rex Ray (Manning, The Unknown Ranger) No holdings in archives
Wild Beauty 1927 Henry Macrae June Marlowe (Nancy Cunningham) No holdings in archives
Winning The Futurity 1926 Scott Dunlap Cullen Landis No holdings in archives
With Daniel Boone thru the Wilderness 1926 Robert N. Bradbury No holdings in archives
Wolf Tracks 1923 Robert N. Bradbury (Robert North Bradbury per film titles) Jack Hoxie No other U.S. archival holdings

Fragments of lost features:
Combat. (fragment - released as Fighting Men). 1927 Burton King Productions Albert Hiatt No holdings in archives
Frontier Trail, The (fragment). 1926 Pathe Scott R. Dunlap No holdings in archives
How To Handle Women (fragment) 1928 Universal William J. Craft No holdings in archives
Marriage Cheat, The (fragment released as South Sea Isle.) 1924 Thomas H. Ince John Griffith Wray No holdings in archives
Roaring Rider, The (fragment). 1926 Weiss Brothers Richard Thorpe No holdings in archives
White Mice (condensation) 1926 First National Edward H. Griffith No holdings in archives
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Re: LC's Silent Film Collector's Project Update

Postby Richard M Roberts » Thu Nov 16, 2017 7:44 pm

Heck, they could have just bought the Grapevine DVD's and have covered two-thirds of that list.


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