NItrateville Total Jackassery: Reviving a ten-year old thread

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NItrateville Total Jackassery: Reviving a ten-year old thread

Postby Richard M Roberts » Thu Feb 14, 2019 5:13 am

Gad, there's so little of interest over at Nitwitville that the inmates are dredging up ten-year old threads to argue with: ... 1&start=30

Admittedly, there ain't much of interest over there, what, Gebert blowing even his imagined credibility as a silent film "expert" by admitting he really hasn't seen that many silent films in his lifetime, tell us something not already bleedin' obvious Gebert. So here's nameless ninnie "earlytalkiebuffrob", whose the guy who fancies himself a "critic" and usually prattles on whining about the picture and sound quality of the Youtube videos he watches (definitely in the "why do you bother and do you think we care?" department of pointless nerdery) taking on a fun old thread where I slapped around another nameless Britidiot named Penfold who refused to believe proof put in front of him about silent films being run faster than the speeds they were shot (lots more proof rolling down the pike since then, thanks to Ben Model and others, but you wanna bet Penfold still has smoke between his ears?).

So this other NNN wants to defend the good auteuristic name of Howard Hawks by suggesting three titles not written by Jules Furthman, Leigh Brackett, Hecht and Mac Arthur or William Faulkner as bonafide Hawks screamin classics that we can credit to the un-helped genius of Mr. H as his own great works: THE DAWN PATROL, THE CRIMINAL CODE, and TIGER SHARK......

Hmmmmm, shaky ground there, admittedly written by others, but what quality has survived in THE CRIMINAL CODE comes from the original stage play and the acting of Messr's Huston and Karloff, otherwise, it's a snooze. TIGER SHARK has one of the worst performances Edward G. Robinson ever gave on film, again, okay programmer, but no classic.

And the ground gets even shakier with THE DAWN PATROL, especially considering that Edmund Goulding took the exact same script, the same flying sequences, and managed to make an even better version than the Hawks one eight years later mostly on the strength of the actors involved, kinda blowing that Hawksian auteur theory completely out of the water.

Once again proving that over at Nitwitvile, a decade can pass and they still learn nothing.

Back to important things.


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