Western New York Film Festival now a reality

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Richard M Roberts
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Western New York Film Festival now a reality

Postby Richard M Roberts » Fri Feb 12, 2016 8:56 pm

Hey Gang,

I just received this press release from Alex Bartosh:

After 6ix months of negotiating and researching the Western New York Movie
Expo And Memorabilia Show is a reality.
The dates are September 8, 9, 10, 11, 2016

The first Western New York Film Festival and Memorabilia Show is now open
for general sign-up.
This is a re-branding of a recently retired Film Fest from Syracuse that has
been a beloved staple for 35 years. With the blessings and the help of the
retired people who made the legendary “Syracuse Cinefest” we are moving it
110 miles West to the Buffalo-Niagara area.

The venue for the show is the ADAMS MARK HOTEL conveniently off the
expressway exit in downtown Buffalo.
It is across the street from City Hall and the Channel 7 TV station.

The goal of the show is to have an eclectic mix of dealers that sell unique
items that can enrich the movie fan’s interests with a wide variety of rare
movies to be screened and also a huge dealer’s emporium of collectibles
ranging from posters, autographs, original reel-to-reel movies and
projectors. Also offered will be cameras, records, magazines, press kits,
radio and TV “premiums” from the golden age of broadcasting.

Planned marketing for the show includes heavy direct mail, local
advertising, promotions at other festivals as well as a public radio
campaign. The web site should be “live” within the next couple of months,
and will be heavily promoted.

For all you “movie watchers” who enjoy rare and classic films, we hope to
announce a great three-day festival of titles soon. In order to make this
happen, we will need as many out-of town attendees to stay at the hotel for
three nights. Rates have been lowered to $109. per night for two people.
Obviously, usual taxes apply. We are working on open buffet three times a
day at a cost competitive with the current restaurants in the area.

If you are an existing dealer from the Syracuse, Columbus shows or a new
local dealer who wishes to be considered, please sign up for this show ASAP
because the venue will be unusually crowded as many local dealers will be
signing up for the first time. Tables are 8-feet in length (20% more than
other hotel tables so you can plan accordingly. The rates for the tables are
$100. each for an 8-foot table for Thursday afternoon thru Sunday afternoon.
For more information, please contact:
Alex Bartosh (716) 998-1685 or email KCandBob@roadrunner.com

Sept 8 is an “Early bird” prevue-buyer’s night @ $10.* 6:00 p.m. ‘till close
Film Festival and Dealer room officially opens at 9:00 a.m. Sept 9 thru 11
* This applies only to one-day walk-ins. Four-day registrants are admitted
free to the exhibition hall all week-end.

Mailing Address:

WNY Movie Expo
P.O. box 263
Sanborn, New York 14132

A note to all interested parties----
In attempting to bring one final national film convention to all of you, we
have weighed many positives and negatives associated with such an
None of the suburban-airport hotels would have met our needs. They were
primarily for business conferences, weddings and seminars but there was no
facility that matched the wonderful Syracuse venue.

I had to go into the city as did Michael Haynes when the Columbus venue
became unavailable. What I found was a first class, five star hotel that not
only met the requirements of a duel film festival (collector’s emporium and
large screening facility) but a friendly and enthusiastic staff of people
who wish to make our show an annual event.

The ADAMS MARK hotel has been very helpful in making this as affordable as
any of the other convention sights around the country. Some may squawk at a
$10. Per day parking but there is no valet and you have in-and-out
privileges. You also have security.

Like most large cities, Buffalo has many one-way streets so those who
venture out of the hotel for alternate dining arrangements may wish to use
their GPS. Otherwise you may find yourselves parking in the baseball stadium
nearby! There’s also the usual delivery service from local bistros and

We are working on a possible screening at Shea’s Buffalo with a Wurlitzer
accompaniment. But that may not be viable this first year. Eastman house has
offered to help with the films.

There are going to be some “growing pains” this first year but I feel that
we will get through it with a great deal of satisfaction.


With the type of movies shown at both Columbus and Syracuse these past
years, it has been thought that an expanded version would be helpful. By
that, we mean that there will not only be a variety of silent and early
talkies, there will be films representing the 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s.
A program of rare early television programs, documentaries on the movies and
movie stars, animation programs and short subjects are also planned.

Since this is an election year we will separately post the primary to end
all primaries of film suggestions. Many of these I have not seen so I posted
reviews from IMDB and Allmovie.com to see if they encourage any interest.
Your feedback will be welcomed. Obviously we can’t show them all but if any
of you have something interesting to offer, please contact us. THIS IS YOUR
EVENT. While we won’t please everyone this first time out, we hope to
establish an annual fall festival.

There are many tourist attractions to consider as well and since the
off-season rates will apply, you may enjoy Niagara Falls and many other
places of interest.


Gary Johnson
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Re: Western New York Film Festival now a reality

Postby Gary Johnson » Mon Feb 15, 2016 1:39 pm

At a time when established film conventions are slowly fading, I wish these folks all the luck in the world at succeeding.

But when you do visit the beautiful Buffalo area remember to partake in their local pride and joy -- Genesee Beer.
Brewed directly from the fresh, clean waters of Niagara Falls. Which is probably the reason why the stuff runs right through you....

Eric Cohen
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Re: Western New York Film Festival now a reality

Postby Eric Cohen » Tue Feb 16, 2016 5:18 pm

I've been looking for a good excuse to go back to Buffalo. 3 years ago, I spent 24 hrs there while on my way to Capitolfest. My preconception of Buffalo as bleak and decaying was completely false. Instead I found a happy, thriving, beautiful city. It seems Buffalo didn't participate in much of the 60s-80s "Urban Renewal" bulldozing, and also the glass tower trend, so downtown is chockfull of great old 1890-1930 architecture, much of it rehabbed and restored. The walking tour I took ended at City Hall, which rivals Chicago's Merchandise Mart in Art Deco grandeur:
https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/ ... G_3745.JPG
I hope to take the hour tour of this bldg. which includes a trip up to the dome's observation deck.
It's surprising that Hollywood hasn't exploited Buffalo for location shoots.
I had a cool time, finding lots to do and see, excellent restaurants, a bar with TCM on, and meeting lots of friendly locals.
I also remember thinking, "Man, why can't one of these film festivals be here!"

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