The Scribe Files: When Did Laurel and Hardy Jump the Shark?

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Re: The Scribe Files: When Did Laurel and Hardy Jump the Sha

Postby Richard M Roberts » Wed Feb 24, 2016 2:52 pm

Gary Johnson wrote:Stay away from contemporary talk shows if you don't care for out of control audiences. Every once in a blue moon I may flip by Colbert or Kimmel and their openings are excruciating. The people scream so I'm afraid they'll pop a blood vessel. I stick with reruns of Letterman and Carson -- available online. But I'm noticing that by the mid 80's audiences were getting very rambunctious even then. Some nights Johnny looks embarrassed as they carry on so he can't start his monologue. Whereas Dave will take it for a minute or so and then just yell "shut up!!". That's the difference with the new hosts -- they lap up the phony adulation to the hilt.

I have a theory that this behavior may be tied to this generation who likes to take pictures of themselves. Maybe they think that if they yell loud enough during a taping, when they go home to watch the recording they will be able to hear themselves.

I have to ask Richard -- when Scorsese was filming ALICE DOESN'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE in the Phoenix area did you manage to track down their location, as you were want to do back then? (Although, I think he mostly filmed in Tucsan)

People just like to make noise, it's easier than thinking. Get two sports idiots looking at a game on a TV monitor in a restaurant now and most likely they'll start braying loudly like jackasses, one of the reasons I avoid restaurants that have TV monitors in them. On todays talk shows, audiences are revved up to Nuremburg Rally levels by the warm up comics to scream for whatever schmoe host they're supposed to be worshipping, who wastes ones time watching that crap either.

Mel's Diner is an old Phoenix Downtown landmark that was used both in the movie and the Television show, amazingly it has not been torn down to make way for another Starbucks yet.


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