HONOR OF THE RANGE (1934) Ken Maynard

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HONOR OF THE RANGE (1934) Ken Maynard

Postby Richard M Roberts » Thu Nov 10, 2016 5:41 am

When Ken Maynard was producing his own film at Universal, he came up with the damndest plots, and put himself in the strangest situations any cowpoke could find himself in.

Here's one of those doozys. released by Universal April 16, 1934, featuring Ken with Cecelia Parker, Fred Kohler, Frank Hagney, and Slim Whittaker, directed by Alan James. It's not as bugnuts as Ken's SMOKIN GUNS (1924) which followed and and was the one that made Carl Laemmle give Ken the heave-ho, but you do get to see Ken sing and dance:


really, this one's a lot of fun, and this is a nice print to boot.


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