Nitrateville Nitwittery: A Lesson Unlikely Learned

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Nitrateville Nitwittery: A Lesson Unlikely Learned

Postby Richard M Roberts » Sat Jan 12, 2019 3:02 am

Well, the Nitrateville Nitwits got a sizeable lesson in why it is not good to speculate, spread gossip, or just waft silly ideas as a five year-old thread came back to bite them in the ass today:

Here is the five-year old thread BTW:

Seems todays nonsense answers all too clearly why people who actually work in the preservation and restoration field do not announce new discoveries of materials to the general internerd population, it really does cause nothing but whining, bitching, kvetching, and general misinformation spread as the first post in the new thread indicates, even just joking around sends the 140 character population, who never seems to get the message or read everything properly (paragraphs! oh God, three paragraphs! Too many words to read at once!!!!!) off building new bullshit on the old bullshit. It also once again answers Gebert's anguished question as to why most professionals in the film preservation biz avoid his pathetic little newsgroup like the plague.

Will any of them learn from this lesson? Of course not.


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