MAKING MOVIES by Sidney Lumet

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MAKING MOVIES by Sidney Lumet

Postby Richard M Roberts » Fri Feb 07, 2020 8:04 pm

I am about to recommend a book to you that has been out for twenty-five years at this point, but came to my attention this last weekend while in Los Angeles and at a book store in need of purchasing something to get my parking ticket validated and it was the cheapest movie book I could find to do the trick. I then sat down and began to read it as I was early for a dinner date and had some time, and found it an absolutely fascinating, informative and entertaining book.

Sidney Lumet directed number of films I like, a number of films I didn't like, and a number of films I have no great love or dislike of at all, but reading his book which documents what it is actually like to be a major American film director and what one actually does in the making of a motion picture, I found it one of the most honest and open portrayals of what actually goes on in making a movie, what the director does, and the directors relation to all the other equally(and Lumet does indeed say "equally") important roles the other collaborators on a motion picture do. Lumet even goes through what happens in a day of shooting, much less a year of production, and does it in a wonderful, understandable to the layman, nostalgic to the professional, way.

I recommend this long-available book because I had never heard of it, and I noticed this last weekend while visiting a number of my friends in the Los Angeles area (including some reasonably well-known names in this area of interest), that most of them were unaware of the book as well and if aware, had not read it.

So go buy it, and read it, all of you, this is the education required for anyone who wants to really find out how movies are made, for anyone who has ever actually thought the idiot "Auteur" theory has any validity whatsoever, for anyone like myself, who has worked on a movie or two and want to feel nostalgic about what the experience was like, or would just like to read the words from a major American Film Director from the last half of the Twentieth Century who seems to have known what he was doing and be a reasonably sane, nice and rational person we well. It's a great read, just go get it: ... merReviews


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