Orson Welles at the Cinémathèque Francais in 1983

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Orson Welles at the Cinémathèque Francais in 1983

Postby Rob Farr » Sat Aug 08, 2020 9:50 pm

https://www.cinematheque.fr/henri/film/ ... mann-1983/

From the CineSavant website:

By now I think most Welles fans know about it, but last Tuesday Gary Teetzel advanced us a link to Orson Welles à la Cinémathèque française, a frequently hilarious 90-minute interview and Q&A session with film students, from 1983 when Welles had been awarded the Légion d’honneur from President François Mitterrand. Lionized in Paris, Welles couldn’t get arrested in the film biz, even after outliving most of the moguls that did their best to put him under. The interviewer is Henri Béhar; Welles is obviously in fine humor. If you can’t watch the whole thing, watch long enough to see Welles COMMAND a 16mm cameraman to back off… not only does he throw a shadow over the aging enfant terrible, he’s just too damn close.
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Re: Orson Welles at the Cinémathèque Francais in 1983

Postby Richard M Roberts » Sun Aug 09, 2020 5:24 am

I wish the French translator would shut-up, it's obvious most of the audience understands English when they laugh right after Welles makes a joke. He even talks over the people asking Welles questions in English so I doubt Orson can hear them asking their questions. It's like pulling teeth waiting for Welles answers in bits and pieces.


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