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Postby Richard M Roberts » Tue Sep 30, 2014 11:52 am

Well, it’s a little early for Halloween, but what the hell, this show looks to be as twisted as Wallace and Ladmo was:

In 1966, this Los Angeles-based kid show premiered on KHJ Channel 9, SCHRIMPENSTEIN was the brainchild of Michael Dormer and Lee Teacher and utilized the talents of many of the folk behind ROGER RAMJET, including Jim Thurman, who was the voice of Schrimpenstein and Gene Moss, who played Dr. Von Schtick. Apparently the hearts of home-grown Angelinos and other Southern Californians were delighted when this showed up on Youtube, as, like Wallace and Ladmo, very little survives in terms of tape on the show. At least one nagging question has finally been answered for me, “What the heck is that little Frankenstein dummy that sits on one of Randy Skretvedt’s shelves:


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