NItrateville Nonsense: Dick Cavett

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NItrateville Nonsense: Dick Cavett

Postby Richard M Roberts » Tue Sep 25, 2018 6:16 pm

So the Nitwitvile Brain Trust are having "thoughts" about Dick Cavett this week:

And as usual, ol' Dick just doesn't measure up to their exacting standards, as if any of them could have done anything even in the parking lot of the ballpark of what he has accomplished in his life.

Nope, not Dick Cavett, or Tom Snyder, or even that loser Johnny Carson can satisfy these intellectual collususes, even though they all seemed to have decades of success presenting interesting and entertaining conversation that makes the endless blather on what now passes for talk shows look like the endless blather it is.

Cavett gave us long, in depth interviews with many of the legends we still admire today, and he did it with good humor, enough intelligence to ask reasonable questions and knowledge of his guests not to stick to the prepared questions and keep the ball rolling.

Tom Snyder also kept up lively and challenging conversations, even with the infamous like Manson or KKK Grand Dragons and kept his various talk shows informal, relaxed affairs where he could also get good interviews with some of the more difficult interviewees.

Johnny Carson kept up the most professional big-time show business talk show going on for thirty years, and he talked to the biggest names, and gave us a lot of interesting regular citizens and the cream of the crop in stand up comedy in those decades, and he did it by working with them, not talking down to, or busily trying to top them. He worked hard to make his guests look good, and kept huge numbers of our nation tuning in for three decades.

This is why all three of these guys shows, probably thought disposable diversion of the moment in their times, still play to numbers on Youtube and other rerun media today, and are remembered well by those who saw them at the time, while many can't tell you who is hosting THE TONIGHT SHOW now.

I would think if the Nitwitvile Ninnies want to find whiny, pompous, self-absorbed, mental-preening narcissists who take themselves too seriously, they'd need look no farther than their own newsgroup, and if they think keeping an interview interesting for any period of time to an audience of listeners is an piece of effortless cake, they should try it sometime, or listen in to how many dreary boring podcasts on their own favorite subject populate the internet audio. Smarmy, self-absorbed, ill-informed posturing----Mike Gebert anyone? Hellooooooo........

To finish, here's a neat recent NYT piece on Mr. Cavett: ... avett.html

Whatever you think about him, you gotta admit he lived in two of the coolest quarters on the East Coast.


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