John Zacherle RIP

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John Zacherle RIP

Postby Richard M Roberts » Sat Oct 29, 2016 2:31 am

After a long and apparently reasonably happy life an career as Radio and Television personality, and amazingly and ironically near Halloween, John Zacherle has passed away at the age of 98: ... -well&_r=1

Here is the only collection I know of featuring original kinescopes of Zacherle's horror hosting, both in New York and Philadelphia (where he was "Roland" instead of Zacherle): ... 6FAtKvxekg

and of course, also perfect for Halloween, here is Zacherle's great 1958 single, "Dinner with Drac":

He was the best and most durable of the Horror Film Hosts, and with the best sense of humor.

Truly, rest in peace Zach.....and Good Night, whatever you are!


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