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Ken Nordine RIP

Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2019 11:08 pm
by Richard M Roberts
I just heard that Ken Nordine passed away a couple of days ago.

A one of a kind, great radio voice, Chicago Broadcasting legend, and his WORD JAZZ albums and poems were classics in "back of the head" originality. He actually narrated the pilot to what would become the SLAPHAPPY series and then was replaced by the idiot who narrated the actual series, one of the classic incomprehensible decisions by those who should have known better.

Here's a Nordine classic:

Rest in Peace, Ken.


Re: Ken Nordine RIP

Posted: Tue Feb 19, 2019 10:18 am
by William Ferry
For me, his finest moment is narrating "The Shifting, Whispering Sands" (Billy Vaughn version).