Honor Blackman RIP

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Honor Blackman RIP

Postby Richard M Roberts » Mon Apr 06, 2020 1:33 pm

Aww Hell.....


We're talking one genuine fabulous babe, beauty, brains, talent but don't mess with her or she'd flip you like a cheese omelet.

Most of the film nerds will remember her as Pussy Galore, the ultimate Bond Girl with the ultimate stupid name in GOLDFINGER, but it was as Catherine Gale on early episodes of THE AVENGERS where she will always be engraved on my memory. All respects to Diana Rigg, Honor created the gorgeous leather bound karate chopper and had Diana beat hands down in the hotness department (come to think of it, though Ms. Rigg is no chopped liver in the looks, brains and acting dept herself, Linda Thorson was my number two Avengers female as well, sorry Diana.).

And considering Honor Blackman essayed her AVENGERS and Bond "Girl" roles when she was pushing the actress career death age of 40, perhaps she should be called a Bond Woman. And she continued to be beautiful, fascinating, and a damned good actress for many decades after that.

A real loss, rest in peace Honor, an amazing person who lived an amazing life.


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