Why Silent Films Matter

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Paul E. Gierucki
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Why Silent Films Matter

Postby Paul E. Gierucki » Thu Jan 16, 2020 1:41 pm

Our friends at TCM have posted a short original production titled SILENTS, PLEASE! detailing why silent movies matter. Included are new interviews with Honorary Academy Award winner Kevin Brownlow, filmmaker Bill Morrison, TCM Silent Sunday Nights host Jacqueline Stewart, and film collector/expert Shane Fleming. A brief clip from CineMuseum's restoration of FATTY AND MABEL ADRIFT (1916) can also be seen near the end. Check it out!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCOPKbb ... b7kcU4NnHU

Ed Watz
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Re: Why Silent Films Matter

Postby Ed Watz » Thu Jan 16, 2020 2:31 pm

Thank you, Paul - exquisite clips, every one of them, and Mabel and Roscoe's moment was sublime. The young film collector said that seeing a silent film that premiered a hundred years ago was a "mind-boggling experience." That was pretty much my sentiments as the one kid in the neighborhood who was crazy about Keaton, Langdon, Arbuckle and the others. Like many on this forum, the only difference is that we first saw these films when they were only 40 or 50 years old. But the great silents haven't aged, the films we love are timeless.
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