Wife Savers ('28) stills

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Wife Savers ('28) stills

Postby Eric Cohen » Wed Jul 23, 2014 1:38 pm

Though pitched as another Beery-Hatton, this appears to be more of a follow-up to the previous year's Casey At the Bat with Beery, Ford Sterling and Zasu Pitts- and lookee- there's an uncredited Sterling Holloway.
http://auctions.emovieposter.com/Biddin ... d1=3513669
(this link will disappear in a week or so, tho' the image will be archived)
There's not much over at Lantern about this, except exhibitor comments. Beery and Hatton are soldiers posted in Switzerland after the war, but except for the beginning, Hatton isn't in it much and Beery becomes an Alpine guide. This is editor George Nichols, Jr. first job at Paramount, shortly after his father's death, I notice. And shorts director Ralph Ceder only Paramount and perhaps his only silent feature.

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