Nitrateville Nitwittery: WHEN COMEDY WAS KING

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Re: Nitrateville Nitwittery: WHEN COMEDY WAS KING

Postby Richard M Roberts » Thu Mar 16, 2017 5:39 pm

Bill Sprague wrote:
Louie Despres wrote:
Rob Farr wrote:Not to belabor the point, but as soon as Ron Hutchinson announced a new DVD set of incredibly rare 1928-29 Vitaphone shorts, someone pipes up complaining that they didn't include Keystone Hotel. Ron patiently explained that this set has every restoration completed to date and that it would be years before there will be another one. The phrase "pearls before swine" comes to mind.

The word "dip" followed closely by "shits" comes to mind.
"Keystone Hotel" was on YouTube for a while so those people saying that "Keystone Hotel" was not on Ron's DVD Vitaphone set really have absolutely nothing to cry about.

The nameless idiot who was whining about KEYSTONE HOTEL is actually a card-carrying macadamia who also gets convinced that a number of scores on silent films are a second or two out of synch and he then pesters the DVD producers to completely re-author and remaster their DVD releases just to silence his misinformed harmonizing cranial vocalize. These creatures can never be satisfied with any of the sort of treasures put before them, and they have too much lonely time to get on the internet and open their yaps, they also think that doing this impresses anyone that they actually have some "knowledge" about what they speak, but in actuality, it merely confirms that they don't. All they do is make those who can actually do this stuff for what little or no profit comes from it ask themselves once again if it is really worth doing, the danger being that sooner or later the answer to themselves is "no".

This is your population of Nitratevile these days, which is why it is near a completely useless newsgroup these days.


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Re: Nitrateville Nitwittery: WHEN COMEDY WAS KING

Postby Bill Sprague » Mon Feb 19, 2018 9:26 am

There is far to much in the way of complaining here. Seth or whatever his name is should feel appreciative that this film is around for him and everyone else to watch

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