Two Interesting Will Rogers programs

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Two Interesting Will Rogers programs

Postby Richard M Roberts » Thu Apr 13, 2017 1:37 am

Was talking about Will Rogers over at John McElwee's Greenbriar Picture Show site this week, and it set me looking across Youtube where I came across two interesting shows about the Cowboy Humorist:

First, this NBC show called MAN OF THE YEAR from 1955, which gives Rogers the vote for 1935 Man of the Year, good clips in first half, then they interview Fred and Steve Allen about Rogers:

Second, this video from the Beverly Hills Historical Society from 1988 in which Will Rogers Jr. is interviewed about growing up there, a lot of good info about his Dad and the homes the Rogers Family lived in in both Beverly Hills, and the home and polo grounds in Santa Monica that have become a state park:


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