HIS HOME SWEET HOME (1919) Larry Semon

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Richard M Roberts
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HIS HOME SWEET HOME (1919) Larry Semon

Postby Richard M Roberts » Mon Oct 23, 2017 3:52 pm

Here's another harder-to-see Larry Semon comedy, released by Vitagraph July 7, 1919, directed by Semon and featuring Larry with Frank Alexander, Lucille Carlisle, Rosa Gore, Frank Hayes, Richard Talmadge, Bobby Ray, Bill Hauber, and Snooky the Chimp:



Bill Sprague
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Re: HIS HOME SWEET HOME (1919) Larry Semon

Postby Bill Sprague » Wed Feb 07, 2018 3:31 pm

A lot of these Larry Semon films have been deleted because someone at YouTube thinks that the material is still copyrighted. I never use YouTube as a platform because of these outrageous claims. I have a few of these in my collection , because I downloaded many of them over four years ago and I simply saved them . Some clown also thinks that they own the rights to Chaplins' Keystone shorts too. These have been in the USA Public Domain since the 1940s

Tommie Hicks
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Re: HIS HOME SWEET HOME (1919) Larry Semon

Postby Tommie Hicks » Thu Feb 08, 2018 8:52 am

Don't forget Chai Hong who was also in this film.


My youtube channel was shut down three times for phony copyright claims so I'm done with youtube.

If you have three copyright claims in 30 days your channel is deleted by youtube. Someone would make three separate claims within minutes of each other shutting me down immediately. This happened to me all three times I was shut down. I mean if the film is prior 1923, all claims should be automatically dismissed, but in youtube's defense, they can't investigate all claims, so they do the safe and easy thing and shut the channel down or delete the video despite who is right or wrong. The last entity that shut me down identified themselves as "Hinterwalders ist Scheisse."

People have downloaded my files and put them on their channels which I did not mind at all. I wanted these files spread around. I fancy myself as a silent comedy evangelist. On many files I posted I had made translated titles and replaced with English titles and on many I added footage and period musical accompaniment. Some of my files wound up on replicated DVD later. Yet the people who have used my files on their youtube channels, especially the titles that were falsely asserted with copyright claims on my channel, are not shut down with the same phony claims foisted upon me. One good thing about that is that all of the files I posted on my channels still live on youtube somewhere.

Either someone really hates silent comedy or I really pissed someone off.

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Re: HIS HOME SWEET HOME (1919) Larry Semon

Postby Rob Farr » Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:48 am

Vimeo or even DailyMotion is a friendlier host for videos. You get fewer views than on YT, but most of the things we like are of interest to a select audience anyway. I'll miss your YT channel Tommie, but hope it resurfaces somewhere else someday.
Rob Farr
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