Happy New Year: Yet More Nitrateville General Jackassery.

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Happy New Year: Yet More Nitrateville General Jackassery.

Postby Richard M Roberts » Mon Jan 01, 2018 5:09 am


So after we finish our New Year celebrations, I just check in internetically while relaxing before bed to find that Gebert spent his New Years Eve-ning having another meltdown as his site has gone after and chased away another "illustrious" visitor, and once again desperately trying to blame not-so-little ol' me and our little clubhouse as the prime horrible reason for the horribleness over in his own pathetic little village.

And all I did was point out over here a perfectly reasonable little flaw in a production on this so-called considered high level, high-profile restoration and release of well-known, high-profile films, that were not even the first version of this release by said "illustrious" restorationists and producers. Hmmmm, you'd think with films this well-known, and not even their first go at these films, that one should be able to expect the correct film distributor be mentioned on their re-created video titles, no big secret there that those Keaton shorts were First National films.

Yet with even more than his usual delusion, Gebert tries to place my single comment above the plethoric six pages of diverse cinewhining and carping regarding same release that spewed forth from his own site. Like I said before, I'm five years happily gone from that dump, and the problems Gebert thought he was removing with me have all remained with him ten-fold. I sit over here and peacefully speak my piece, and our clubhouse remains serene and civilized, with practically no moderation ever required.

Ah well, Gebert's unhappiness is of his own design and choosing, that's the board he apparently wants to run as it is he who runs it, with cranky and frequently clueless complainers coupled with those of very thin skins upset to the core by the horrible crime of occasionally being told they're wrong (though I was amazed by the nameless newbie who went all soft and squishy in the TCM REMEMBERS 2017 thread when he/she/it accused BobLipton and CoffeeDan of "bullying", they were doing nothing of the sort, but now they know how it feels. Snowflake indeed, but unfortunately Nitwitvile is an avalanche of snowflakes (and a snowflake, in an avalanche, never feels responsible)).

In any event, we start the New Year here having to once again point out such endless Nitwitvile nonsense as they try to send their own responsibility anywhere but where it belongs, something to start off Gebert's New Year right when he comes over here today because he's always so concerned with what we say over here.

Happy New Year,


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