A new Charley Chase book is in the pipeline

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Lorenzo Tremarelli
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A new Charley Chase book is in the pipeline

Postby Lorenzo Tremarelli » Sun Feb 03, 2019 6:32 am

Dear Mafiosi,

As some of you might remember, five years ago I was entangling myself on a similar project, eventually ended up on a lowly book written in my own language and centered on Hal Roach silents as a whole.

However, since then I've carried my research ahead tenfold, through careful examinations of cutting continuities, rare scripts, shooting schedules, reviews, beautiful stills and, perhaps more importantly, the next volume will be published in English. This time, though, it will be focused only on Chase. Each film will be covered in detail, also the lost ones.

I'm well on the way but there are still some gaps to be filled. More specifically, I'm yet looking for stills from the following shorts:

- ALL PARTS (1928)

Some tips could be very useful to me, too. Anyone wishing to contribute will be very welcome.
Thank you in advance for giving me support.


Lorenzo Tremarelli
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