Nitrateville Nonsense: Larry Semon's "faked" death

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Nitrateville Nonsense: Larry Semon's "faked" death

Postby Richard M Roberts » Thu Mar 19, 2020 6:43 pm

Okay, I don't have a problem with Steve Rydzewski, but he's off his mark in his claim about starting the rumor about Larry Semon's "faked" death when he claims to have started it 20 years ago. I interviewed Larry Semon's widow Dorothy Dwan in 1979 and she confided to me her suspicions about the odd way his passing was handled at that time. I had talked about this for several decades after that and wrote about it, quoting my Dwan interview in my three-part CLASSIC IMAGES article on Semon which was published in 2000.

Sorry Steve, I beat you to that one by another 20 years. I might add that this rumor was never "exploded" as I never gave it real credence in the first place, including in my article. It was merely one more interesting aspect of a comedian whose life was shrouded in mystery and misdirection before and after his death.


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