New Keystone Kops book

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New Keystone Kops book

Postby John Bengtson » Fri Mar 20, 2020 7:05 pm

Hey everyone – my friend Lon Davis’s new anthology book CHASE! A Tribute to the Keystone Cops is now available for sale. It features articles by many authors and historians – see table below. It’s the first book devoted specifically to the Kops, and the proceeds will be allocated to silent film preservation. Check it out.

Foreword: A Walk Down Memory Lane, or “Where’s the Nearest Police Station?” by Sam Gill
Chapter 1: Parody and the Rise of the Cops, by Rob King
Chapter 2: Keystone in 1913: Slapstick and the Art of Ensemble Acting, by Mark Pruett
Chapter 3: Lost and (Partially) Found: In the Clutches of a Gang, by Lon Davis
Chapter 4: Fate and a Flea Market: How a Fortuitous Find Rewrote Keystone Cops History, by Paul E. Gierucki and Chris Seguin
Chapter 5: Tillie’s Punctured Romance: Then and Now, by John Bengtson
Chapter 6: The Show Off: Ford Sterling Revealed, by Mark Pruett
Chapter 7: The Sennett Story: The Unwritten Rules for Writing Physical Comedy, by Joe Adamson
Chapter 8: Fact, Fiction, and Folly: The Mythology of the Keystone Cops, by Lea Stans
Chapter 9: When Keaton Met Keystone: Kops, Custard, and Reality Run Amuck, by Chris Seguin
Chapter 10: Cops for (Re)Sale: Reissuing the Keystone Comedies, by Michael J. Hayde
Chapter 11: The Keystone Cop and the Missing Briefcase, by Lon Davis
Chapter 12: Cops, or Kops: Kolliding into Kontemporary Kulture, by Randy Skretvedt
Chapter 13: Mack Sennett and Keystone in Print and Home Entertainment, by Rob Farr
Chapter 14: Top Cops: Fifty-five Profiles of Original and Honorary Keystone Cops, by Lon Davis and Brent E. Walker
Chapter 15: The Keystone Cops on Film, Television, Radio, and Stage, by Brent E. Walker and Lon Davis
Appendix A: Keystone, an Illustrated Chronology, 1912–1917, by Marc Wanamaker
Appendix B: “Putting the Key in Keystone” by Stanley W. Todd, Motion Picture Classic (January 1917)

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