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THE VILLAGE SCANDAL (1915) Roscoe Arbuckle, Al St. John, Raymond Hitchcock

Posted: Thu May 14, 2020 11:31 am
by Ed Watz
From a 1933 Paramount Screen Souvenirs, a tantalizing snippet from an early Keystone-Triangle release:

Title card: "…This pioneer movie of the gay, goofy 90s reveals the fine art of 'sparking'…" A young couple exchanges several kisses (indications to the contrary, this is NOT "The Kiss" by Edison Studios) / title card: "Stars of Yesterday and Today - 'Fatty' Arbuckle, Al St. John and Raymond Hitchcock in a slapstick classic of long ago" / scenes from "A Village Scandal," 1915 short film, in which Fatty Arbuckle serves food to a group of diners at a boarding house, St. John eats peas with a knife, Fatty drops a tray, Hitchcock steals Fatty's girl (Flora Zabelle) and Fatty spouts jets of water from his eyes as he cries"

According to Brent Walker's essential book MACK SENNETT'S FUN FACTORY, THE VILLAGE SCANDAL is an otherwise still-missing film.