Be Reasonable or Between Meals?

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Be Reasonable or Between Meals?

Postby DaveGlass » Mon May 18, 2020 7:49 am

So.... if you've seen my recent YT posting about 'Borrowed Gags' you'll know about the blatant replication of gags in the two films mentioned. ... m-comments
Since the posting I've received some messages from fellow film folk and I think it deserves some further discussion.

BE REASONABLE with Billy Bevan. Directed by Roy Del Ruth. Brent's Sennett book says production began Sept 1921. The film was released Oct 31 1921.

BETWEEN MEALS with Paul Parrott. Directed by Raymond Gray. Richard's Roach book says production dates were Aug 29 - Sept 3 1921. Film released 1st March 1926.

The stated dates make one lean toward the Roach team as being first, although I'm inclined to think the Sennett production team were the originators.
If you consider the directors involved.....
Roy Del Ruth was one of Sennett's top directors, having made HARD KNOCKS & LOVE TAPS, GYMNASIUM JIM, ON PATROL, BRIGHT EYES and many other classics around that time.
Raymond Grey had just arrived from Sennett, where he'd directed just a handful of films and the Paul Parrott series was his only work at Roach. Tragically he died in 1925 (before BETWEEN MEALS was released!)

So who stole from who?
Does it matter?
Well, the gags are so blatantly the same, I'd personally love to know who the culprits were!

Any thoughts anyone?


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