RINGLING'S RIVALS (1925) Hey Fellas

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RINGLING'S RIVALS (1925) Hey Fellas

Postby Richard M Roberts » Sat May 30, 2020 10:48 pm

Probably the best of the Our Gang knockoff series was First Division's Hey Fellas comedies, which had one season in 1925. Directed by Mark Goldaine (who had co-directed several Our Gang shorts with Robert McGowan in 1924), and featuring Cliff Daniels (Mickey's Brother), these comedies came quite close in achieving the charm of Roach's Rascals, and sometime even went into blacker humor than Hal Roach dared to tread.

RINGLING'S RASCALS has similarities to Our Gang shorts like THE BIG SHOW, but has a few new twists on it's own. The cast apart from Cliff Daniels includes Gene Buckels, Nancy McKee, Jeff Jenkins, Billy Naylor, Tommy Watkins (aka Jingo Jones), and Harry Navarra:



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