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"The Human Ape, Darwin's Triumph" (1910)

Posted: Wed Oct 05, 2022 11:51 am
by Ed Watz
A Nordisk Films Danish short: "A man and a chimpanzee are seated at the same table – both wearing suits. The chimp lights the man’s cigarette, pours wine for them both, and they proceed to play cards before it is time for the chimp to turn in for the night."

Don't know if the simian featured here is Peter The Great, star of a vaudeville act fondly remembered (and mimicked) by Buster Keaton in THE PLAYHOUSE. But it's a chance to see the type of act which inspired Buster to play a talented (though a tad unruly) hyperactive ape.

(I kept thinking of Bud Abbott shouting "Bingo, gimme a light!") ... nneskeaben