Phyllis Crane in Joe Rock Comedies

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Phyllis Crane in Joe Rock Comedies

Postby Richard Finegan » Sun Jun 06, 2010 4:45 am

In my ongoing (35 years - plus) research on actress Phyllis Crane I came across some info a few years ago that I hope some of The Mafia here may be able to help me learn more about.

In a Standard Casting Directory from late 1926 Phyllis is listed as having appeared in Joe Rock Comedies. This is the ONLY reference I've ever found to these alleged credits. Not that I really doubt the truth of the listing, but even in her scrapbooks which I have, from this period there's no mention of Joe Rock Comedies. I'm sure that if she did appear in any, they would have been no earlier than 1925. So can anyone confirm any Phyllis Crane credits in Joe Rock Comedies from 1925 - 1926?

Phyllis would have been only 12 to 15 years old (depending upon sources) at that time.
And the Casting Directory states that she was a dancer, acrobat, and swimmer in the films. I hope that's a useful clue!

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