Marx Bros. 4K restorations - help needed

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Marx Bros. 4K restorations - help needed

Postby Uli Ruedel » Wed Jul 22, 2015 11:38 am

A message from John Tefteller, re-posted here with his approval:

"Universal Studios Marx Brothers Blu-Ray Update!!! Help wanted!!!


I have had further dialog with the folks at Universal that are working on the restorations of the Paramount Marx films this morning and I can report the following:

1. YES, they are using the 35mm print of "Cocoanuts" that resides in the UCLA archives. So far, it is the best print known to exist. So expect a MUCH better quality Blu-Ray on that film.

2. They have located sound track elements for "Cocoanuts" that are BETTER than my original 16" soundtrack discs. So expect a much better SOUNDING Blu-Ray on that film as well as much better visuals.

3. I have given them the information that Joe Adamson supplied about the whereabouts of continuity scripts--what they do with that information is now up to them.

4. I asked about the missing sequences from "Duck Soup" with Zeppo dancing with Raquel Torres etc. They know NOTHING about this--but promised me that if I can find out who said this footage exists and they can speak to that person, they "would be forever in my debt" and really want to find it, and include it in the newly restored "Duck Soup", if it exists.

So, NOW is the time for ANYONE to come forward who has any information about ANY surviving 35mm prints of "Cocoanuts", "Animal Crackers", "Monkey Business" "Horse Feathers" or "Duck Soup." The person with the information on the missing Zeppo footage from "Duck Soup" needs to let me know ALL details about that, so that I can let Universal know where to look to find it and include it in the releases. This is our chance to make these films whole and great looking again! Please, please, everyone and anyone with any information that could be helpful, please email me at: or call me at 541-659-7175. I will pass the information directly to the folks at Universal who are doing the restorations. THANK YOU in advance for any help or clues!"

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