SHOWTIME USA collection on sale at Amazon

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SHOWTIME USA collection on sale at Amazon

Postby Richard M Roberts » Fri Feb 10, 2017 6:38 am ... owtime+usa

Hey Gang this is a sleeper of a DVD collection of Vaudeville and Variety movies Kit Parker put out in 2007 that I doubt many of you picked up at the time and should have. It's a collection of Vaudeville and Variety movies produced by Robert L. Lippert that featured a lot of surprises and a look at Vaudeville at the end of it's history as well as a look at one of Los Angeles televisions early popular pioneers.

The films on this set include EVERYBODY'S DANCIN(1951) and SQUARE DANCE JUBILEE (1949), both starring notorious western swing great Spade Cooley and his Orchestra, and Vaudeville shows HOLLYWOOD VARIETIES(1950) and VARIETIES ON PARADE(1951), which features looks at acts like Shaw and Lee, The Hoosier Hotshots, Jackie Coogan repeating his role in THE KID along with m.c Eddie (father of Terri) Garr doing his Chaplin impersonation.

You also get the Minstrel Show tribute YES SIR, MR. BONES (1951) that features the only film footage of legendary minstrel man Emmett Miller, as well as African-American performers like Flonoy MIller working with Scatman Crothers, and the jaw-dropping Cotton Watts, who billed himself in the 1960's as "America's Number One Blackface Performer" (I think Cotton pretty much had the field to himself by then) and can be seen in this clip here:

This set originally retailed over $40.00, but can now be had for $19.99.

You also get more commentaries from myself, Randy Skretvedt, and Brent Walker (we always get called to do those Paul Landres films) who fill you in on most of the vaudeville acts shown. These films are amazing time capsules from long forgotten parts of Variety and are really entertaining. Grab it while you can for a bargain price!


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