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Nitrateville Nonsense: Harry Langdon at Hal Roach: The Talkies

Posted: Fri Aug 16, 2019 1:45 pm
by Richard M Roberts

So, of course, idiocy looms over at good old Nitwitvile, where several of its denizens of the usual clueless whiners and complainers are yipping about our “threat” to quit producing anymore DVD’s of Hal Roach product unless support ramps up again to previous levels.
This is no threat folks, it’s a promise and statement of fact, and if you go back and re-read the “Yes Virginia, There’s Gonna Be a Charley Chase Roach Talkie Set” thread on the mafia, it will refresh your memory:


Especially these pertinent paragraphs:

“2. This collection will ONLY come out in Volumes, THERE WILL BE NO COMPLETE BOX SET RELEASED AFTER ALL THE VOLUMES HAVE BEEN RELEASED, and sales figures of the previously released volume will affect whether the next Volume will even be released. In other words, if you don’t buy Volume One, there may not be a Volume Two, and if you don’t buy Volume Two, there will not likely be a Volume Three. Support the product as it comes out if you want it to continue to come out.”

“My message on the mafia is what the fans who were going crazy with the misinformation spread over the internet this last weekend needed to know, directly and to the point, The Sprocket Vault, Kit Parker and I have taken this on because we love the films and want them to be seen, but no one is going to go broke doing this, we've figured out the viable way to get it done, and it's the way we're going to do it, our track record for quality work speaks for itself, and we start the ball rolling with this set, but it's up to the fans of those films and performers to support it, if they do not, it will stop, and they will have no one to blame but themselves. If they do, they may be amazed at the treasures that will soon be within their reach.”

You see, it would only be a threat if we were standing on top of something you were actually entitled to in the first place, and you are definitely not entitled to any of this stuff, nor is there any law saying we have to put it out . As said above, we figured out a way to do it and we told you up front what you had to do to keep it going. We’ve kept up our end, and as also said above, the quality has spoken for itself, it is up to you to keep up your end, or we go on to something else more worthwhile. These are labors of love (for the films, not you), there’s no real money in it, and the thought of not having to deal with the nonsense of the film buffery community these days becomes a more and more pleasant thought, so our path is clear depending on what we see.

And aren’t we asking horrible things, you can remain on your butts in front of your computer and continue typing, just put up that Amazon review that they’re sending you posts asking you to write anyway as you’ve already bought the product, or go on Facebook that you already foolishly spend too much time on anyway but instead of another selfie no one cares about or picture of what you had for lunch, say a few good words about our sets where other folk might be interested. We’re asking that the reviewers and bloggers who requested and got free screeners actually earn them and do what they’re supposed to do (and we’ll be remembering those who don’t the next time they request the latest free screener). What horrible and demanding slave-drivers we are.

We expect and care less about the axe-grinders and the mentally ill who’ll try to diss us, they’re pathetic agendas make themselves clear pretty quickly, we’re talking to the rest of you apathetic consumers who know the drill but won’t deliver the little things that were asked of you. Just a little reminder that whatever happens, you have no one to blame but yourselves………


Re: Nitrateville Nonsense: Harry Langdon at Hal Roach: The Talkies

Posted: Fri Aug 16, 2019 6:18 pm
by Richard M Roberts
It's fun watching the Nitwitvile Nincompoops speculate about how our sets are done, none of these people are in any loop about our restoration processes and none of them know what they are talking about, the usual Nitrateville standard of excellence, and that Bigshot nameless bonehead is still showing his incompetence as he rants about a Blu-Ray and DVD industry he obviously knows nothing about.

The quality of our works speaks for itself, none of these "experts" speak for us.