Laurel & Hardy: Spot On! (Book & CD) - Kickstarter

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Uli Ruedel
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Laurel & Hardy: Spot On! (Book & CD) - Kickstarter

Postby Uli Ruedel » Sun Nov 06, 2016 5:29 am

More Laurel and Hardy Lost and Found, courtesy of Michael Ehret: ... hanks_link

Intriguingly, Michael adds: "If we succeed in raising over €11.000 between now and December 15, 2016, we can offer all supporters an exclusive special bonus: Book with CD plus an additional unreleased Laurel & Hardy audio recording! This will only be available to our Kickstarter supporters, and will not be sold separately afterwards. Please note it is only possible to back this project on level 1, but if we raise over €11,000, all backers will automatically be upgraded to level 2 and receive the additional recording."

Kudos to Michael for sharing this rarity!


Nico Cartenstadt
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Re: Laurel & Hardy: Spot On! (Book & CD) - Kickstarter

Postby Nico Cartenstadt » Sun Nov 20, 2016 2:40 pm

I came here to post an announcement about this project when I saw Uli beat me to it. Well, nothing new there. ;-)

I'm a collaborator on this project, and am happy to report that, thanks to 138 backers so far, we have reached our level 1 goal a few days ago, meaning that this will definitely happen.

If we can raise €2,800 in the remaining 25 days of the campaign, another unreleased recording will be added to the CD, which will already feature the world premiere of the 1952 L&H stage sketch 'On the Spot' AKA 'A Spot of Trouble'.

A big thank-you to all of our supporters. If you were considering preordering, why not do us and especially yourself a big favour and pledge soon? Just go do ... ook-and-cd, click the green 'Back This Project' button, log in with your existing account or create a new one for free, and enter the correct amount including shipping (details can be found on the web page).

Thanks for your interest and support, greatly appreciated.


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