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Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2020 3:22 am
by Uli Ruedel
A new German Blu-ray of COUNTESS FROM HONG KONG is just out (DIE GRÄFIN VON HONG KONG, Koch Media), and much like the recent French Blu ray, it was touted as 'uncut for the first time,' only to turn out (upon purchase) the usual 108' US edit. This is especially ironic since for a long time, when shown on German TV, it was a dubbed version of about two hours, until that one got supplanted by the new, shorter HD master.

A complete vintage print was shown in Bologna years ago; a more recent screening at that festival turned out the shorter variant, but the screening was a joy where the audience's (re)appreciation of this unfairly maligned film was palpable. There IS a lovely gallery of behind the scenes photos, many of which I don't recall, although some are slightly cropped due to the way they are animated, as if randomly sitting on a pile of photos, so this might be the best edition around for now.

It's bizarre that we still can't see Chaplin's lovely (YES: last film in its complete form (nor buy its soundtrack on CD)...