9.5mm show in Wildwood oct 2

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9.5mm show in Wildwood oct 2

Postby Dino Everett » Fri Oct 01, 2010 3:36 am

Here is the rundown for my Wildwood, NJ 9.5mm screening this Saturday, should be a fun one, but will be lacking the appropriate musical accompaniment. I will also be bringing a notched projector to run some notched shorts probably in someones room, since it won't throw very far with only a 50w lamp...

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Beauty, Beast and the Pursuit of Happiness (aka films featuring Bathing Beauties, Animals & Alcohol)

Beauty (28 minutes)

Belles of Liberty (1918) – An early LKO comedy featuring one Frenchie Bianchi, who would go on to become Monty Banks. This also features a young Eva Novak who would go on to star as Tom Mix’s love interest in many of his films. This was put out by a small company (basically 2 individuals Patrick Moules and Paul van Someren) called Novascope in the 1970’s. The curly Q at the top of the frame is a printing error. 12 minutes

James Takes a Plunge (excerpt from Beach Nuts 1921) An example of the Hall Room Boys and the company that would eventually become Columbia showing off their Bathing Beauties. It features Sid Smith who was probably the longest running of the Boys. 4 minutes

Chicken Cooped (aka Morning Judge, 1926) One of the last silents released by Pathescope on 9.5mm this is unique for pathescope in that it features all original titles, with the exception of the altered main title. It was directed by Dave Fleischer and features his take on the famous Sennet girls, alongside the great Flora Finch. 12 minutes

Beast (25 minutes)

Oh for the Noble Art (1925?) – This Bobby Ray short is still unidentified but appears to be from the group of films he made in 1925 for Universal with Billy West as producer. Some of these also starred Oliver Hardy, but this one features Petey the well known Bull Terrier, and a trouble making monkey. 12 minutes

Harold Lloyd’s Cigarette (1919) – This is an unusual release in that it features only this short gag w/ Lloyd and the monkey smoking a cigarette. Richard Roberts believes this to be from the Lloyd short The Rajah. 1 minute

Sky High (aka High Flyers, 1922) The Hall Room Boys again, this time Sid Smith and George Williams offer their help with recovering a nice young lady’s baby who seems to have floated up to the top of a building. The scene will look familiar to most silent film fans as it resembles the famous Harold Lloyd scene in Safety Last, only the Hall Room Boys did it at least a year before Lloyd, Oh yeah its got a monkey in it as well. 12 minutes

Happiness (30 min)

Moonshine (aka Pie and Rye, 1920) This Lloyd Hamilton short about the friendly neighborhood bootlegger was directed by Charley Chase, and features Chase alongside Ham in a cameo as the lead police officer. 12 minutes

Sunless Sunday (1921) Here we have a Jimmie Adams (who also did a stint as a Hall Room Boy) short revolving around the local ladies group attempting to shut down the local watering hole. 12 minutes.

Billy Gets Married (aka The Haunted Honeymoon, 1925) – One of the forgotten Roach comics Glenn Tryon only wants to marry his girl Blanch Mehaffey and live in happiness, but James Finlayson tries to derail the couples' matrimony by switching documents. They head off for the honeymoon suite but get caught in the rain and stop at a place that is rumored to be haunted (check out her sexy negligee), but all's well that ends well.

Time permitting I have single reel examples of features well known to 8mm/16mm collectors only the quality difference in the 9.5mm printed versions should be of interest, especially Metropolis.

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