Ben Turpin - FOR ART'S SAKE

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Marilyn Slater
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Ben Turpin - FOR ART'S SAKE

Postby Marilyn Slater » Thu Jul 04, 2013 9:48 pm

Steve Rydzewski or as I think of him “wriggly eyes” is the undisputed authority on all things “BEN” and he is a fabulous researcher in the field of slapstick comedy.

Ben Turpin has needed a biography for a long time and now the stars have lined-up; after 40 years of collecting data Steve has given us the BOOK, In many ways it is a 'source book' and it is on paper or in e-book form.

If you love slapstick comedy and Ben Turpin; I think you need this book, buy it – read it – use it. FOR ART’S SAKE by Steve Rydzewski
Marilyn Slater

Steve Rydzewski
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Re: Ben Turpin - FOR ART'S SAKE

Postby Steve Rydzewski » Sat Jul 06, 2013 12:14 am

WOW!!! Thanks so very much for your very nice words, Marilyn!
I'm actually surprised I didn't even come by here to announce the book myself!
Blame it on that darn Facebook, it's always in my face and a bad distractor!
Hope everyone saw Marilyn's link:

And yes, at long last Ben Turpin is out of the oven and ready for consumption
to one and all, man, woman, child and beast. Personally I've had some rough-
going over the last few months and apologize for my lack of communication,
but truly appreciate all the love and support from everyone.

But be sure to bookmark my blogsite for updates and such on Ben Turpin:

Thank you everyone – SteveR

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