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Postby Frank Thompson » Sat Aug 03, 2013 8:42 pm

My documentary "The Lost Remake of Beau Geste" is now available on DVD.

The doc is about a group of San Diego collego students who, in 1939, while William A. Wellman's "Beau Geste" was still in theaters, went out to the desert fort built for that film and made their own parody. When Paramount found out about it, the studio ordered the kids to burn all prints and negatives. Paramount's lawyers relented enough to allow them to show the "Beau Geste" parody three times, on March 6 and 7, 1940. And it has never been seen again in public -- until now.

"The Lost Remake of Beau Geste" features interviews with three of the cast members, John McCulley, Bob Wade and Nord Whited. And we also hear from William Wellman Jr., Maria Cooper Janis (daughter of Gary Cooper) and film historians Leonard Maltin and Kevin Brownlow.

As a bonus, the disc also contains the parody itself with a piano score by Michael Mortilla.

To order, go to the website for my podcast -- Click on the "Videos" page and you'll be led to PayPal. The cost is a mere $20 which includes free postage.

I hope you enjoy it.

Frank Thompson

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