John Hampton Receives Cinephile Award (1968)

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John Hampton Receives Cinephile Award (1968)

Postby Paul E. Gierucki » Fri May 30, 2014 12:03 am

For the uninitiated, John Hampton was a classic film collector
and founder of the Silent Movie Theatre on N. Fairfax in LA.

-- Paul E. Gierucki


Classic Images (Fall - Winter 1968)

John Hampton received the Cinephile's annual award,
for his work in the field of the silent screen, at the
annual dinner held by the organization over the Labor
Day weekend at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in
Hollywood. Presentation was made by James Fritz,

The award has become an annual high point of the
CINECON and is presented to people who, it is felt
by the group, have made significant contributions
to the silent screen, and the advancement of our hobby.

Other recipients of the award are: Colleen Moore,
Roy E. Aitken and Samuel K. Rubin.

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