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Re: CAMERA Comedy Clippings, January 27, 1923

Posted: Thu Aug 27, 2009 9:57 am
by Joe Moore
Pulse of the Studios

For Week Starting Monday January 29

FINE ARTS STUDIOS. Individual Casting. 6101 Sunset. C. H. Christie, Gen Mgr. Holly 3100

Fred Caldwell Productions.

Director: Fred Caldwell Star: All-Star Cameraman: Ernie Miller Ass’t Direct.: Rounseville Scenarist: Blackwood-Van Up Type: Comedy-Dramas Progress: Schedule

Jess Robbins Productions (Vitagraph release)

Director: Jess Robbins Star: E. Everett Horton Ass’t Direct.: Jack Boland Scenarist: Staff Type: Comedy Drama Progress: Casting

Amalgamated Productions. (Metro)

Director: G. M. Anderson Star: Stan Laurel Cameraman: Irving Reis Scenarist: Staff Type: Comedy Progress: Schedule

FOX STUDIO. C. A. Bird, Casting. 1401 N. Western Ave. Holly 3000

Director: Buckingham Star: Stock Scenarist: Staff Type: Comedies Progress: Schedule

Director: Al St. John Star: Al St. John Cameraman: Ernest S. Depew Ass’t Direct.: Benny Stoloff Type: Comedies Progress: Schedule

Director: Slim Summerville Star: Clyde Cook Cameraman: Jay Turner Ass’t Direct.: Arthur Cohn Type: Comedies Progress: Schedule

GOLDWYN STUDIO. R. B. McIntyre, Casting. Culver City. 76711
Director: Clarence Badger Star: All-Star Cameraman: Rudolph Bergquist Scenarist: Carey Wilson Type: “Red Lights” Progress: 1st Week

Director: Rupert Hughes Star: All-Star Cameraman: John Mescall Ass’t Direct.: James Flood Scenarist: Rupert Hughes Type: “Souls For Sale” Progress: 8th Week

HORSLEY STUDIO. 6050 Sunset Blvd. Holly 7945

Hallroom Boys Comedies. Harry Cohn, Mgr. Holly 7940

Director: Al Santell Star: Alexander Alt Cameraman: Billy Williams Ass’t Direct.: Roland Asher Scenarist: Jean Havez Type: Comedies Progress: Suspended

HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS. 6642 Santa Monica Blvd. J. Jasper, Mgr. Holly 1431

Carlton King Productions. Harry McCabe, Prod. Mgr.

Director: Martin Justice Star: Carlton King Cameraman: Carl Widen Ass’t Direct.: Harry McCabe Scenarist: Justice Type: Comedy-Drama Progress: Schedule
(Camera Vol. 5 No. 42 pg. 17)


I see that they are listing the Hallroom Boys comedies as being "suspended" since the boys are off on that vaudeville tour.

I also note the start of filming of Raymond Griffith's RED LIGHTS. I saw this some years ago at a Cinecon but wouldn't mind seeing it again.

Joe Moore

Re: CAMERA Comedy Clippings, January 27, 1923

Posted: Thu Aug 27, 2009 2:53 pm
by Bruce Calvert
Joe, here's something to whet your appetite...

Image Image

Caption: The train butcher proves to be none other than the crime deflector. Alice Lake, Lionel Belmore, Raymond Griffith, George Reed, and Marie Prevost.

Raymond Griffith, Alice Lake, Lionel Belmore, and Marie Prevost

Bruce (who hasn't seen RED LIGHTS yet)

Re: CAMERA Comedy Clippings, January 27, 1923

Posted: Fri Aug 28, 2009 7:37 am
by Joe Moore

Thanks for posting the great stills from RED LIGHTS!

Joe Moore


Pulse of the Studios

For Week Starting Monday January 29

KEATON STUDIO 1025 Lilian Way. Holly 2814

Buster Keaton Productions, Inc. (First National release).

Director: Eddie Cline Star: Buster Keaton Cameraman: McGann-Lessly Ass’t Direct.: Chick Collins Scenarist: Staff Type: “Three Ages” Progress: 3rd Week

LASKY STUDIOS. L. M. Goodstadt, Casting. 1520 Vine St. fred Kley, Studio Mgr. Holly 2400

Director: Joseph Henabery Star: Walter Heirs Scenarist: Grant Carpenter Type: “75c An Hour” Progress: 2d Week

R-C STUDIO. Melrose and Gower. 780 Gower St. Holly 7780

Individual Productions. (Film Booking Offices.)

Director: Carter DeHaven Star: Carter DeHaven Cameraman: K. G. McLean Ass’t Direct.: Cliff Sahn Scenarist: Monty Brice Type: “Borrow Trouble” Progress: Schedule

UNIVERSAL STUDIO. Fred Datig Casting. 570-081

Universal Film Manufacturing Co. (Universal Release).

Director: Scott Darling Star: Lewis Sargeant Ass’t Direct: Taylor-Smith Scenarist: Scott Darling Type: Comedy Progress: Schedule

Director: Wm. Watson Star: Neely Edwards Cameraman: Wm. Daniels Ass’t Direct.: A. Thompson Type:Comedy Progress: Schedule

Joe Rock Productions (Federated)

Director: Jimmie Davis Star: Joe Rock Cameraman: Reggie Lyons Ass’t Direct.: Murray Rock Scenarist: Davis-Rock Type: 2-Reel Comedy Progress: Schedule
(Camera Vol. 5 No. 42 pg. 18)

Re: CAMERA Comedy Clippings, January 27, 1923

Posted: Sat Aug 29, 2009 11:43 am
by Joe Moore

This is how I look with glasses but I don’t wear them.
(Photo of mousey-faced mustached man with a hat and tie)
This picture really does not do me justice.


Just finished playing “The Dummy” with Hart Schaffner & Marx
Am very familiar with the motion picture business having been in it before it was in its infancy.
WILL NOT consider position to direct “Ben Hur.”
I write the “Exhausts” column for Camera! And would consider job with salary attached.
Have been offered several engagements, but the money didn’t come from the east.
My hobby is to work in the motion picture industry.
I can swim, dance, roller-skate and grow a beard.
Will work for anyone but Billy West.
Phone 578-097
Please don’t phone, but send my bills to my new address, 1340 Milton Ave.
(Camera Vol. 5 No. 42 pg. 23)


It's times like these that I wish I had a working scanner because CAMERA doesn't usually run too many pictures but occasionally they do have one that I'd like to post, such as this picture of Al Martin. Maybe then some of you guys who are good with matching faces could start spotting him in these roles he refers to. I wonder what's up with his attitude toward Billy West too?

Joe Moore

Re: CAMERA Comedy Clippings, January 27, 1923

Posted: Sun Aug 30, 2009 9:59 am
by Joe Moore
Flashes From Frisco

Joseph Schenck and Reginald Barker spent part of last week in San Francisco on business.

Gilbert Pratt returned to Los Angeles after a few days here.

“The Plum Centerpedes” finished, on Saturday, the twelfth and last Plum Center comedy at the old Gerson studio on Tenth Street. Dan Mason, star of the company, his daughter, and Wilna Hervey leading lady, will leave for New York about Feb. 1st. It is possible that a second series of Plum center comedies may be made here later on.

Bull Montana arrived in San Francisco on Tuesday to join Von Stroheim.

A.H. Giebler, scenarist for the Plum Center comedies, will go to Los Angeles soon. (Camera Vol. 5 No. 42 pg. 20)

Re: CAMERA Comedy Clippings, January 27, 1923

Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2009 11:29 am
by Joe Moore

To amass a fortune of over a million dollars through his own ability and efforts before his eighth birthday, is the remarkable record made by Jackie Coogan, filmdom's king of baby starlets. As a result of his signing a contract with the Metro organization, Jackie received a cash bonus of $500,000, and will further receive a sixty percent share of the earnings of the four pictures he will make for this concern during the next twelve months. By terms of the contract Mr. Coogan Senior will have the privilege of picking the stories and casts for his youthful celebrity, and will personally supervise each production.
(Camera Vol. 5 No. 42 pg. 20)

Re: CAMERA Comedy Clippings, January 27, 1923

Posted: Tue Sep 01, 2009 11:35 am
by Joe Moore
Who’sWho and What’s What in Filmland This Week

Roy Del Ruth has been signed by Jack White, producer of Educational-Mermaid Comedies, to direct Lige Conley.

Pulse of the Studios

For Week Starting Monday January 29

CHRISTIE COMEDIES. Harry Edwards, Casting. 6101 Sunset. C. H. Christie, Gen. Mgr. Holly 3100

Director: Scott Sidney Star: Henry Murdock Cameraman: Peterson Ass’t Director: Clemens Scenarist: Robert Hall Type: Two-reel Comedy Progress: 1st Week

Director: Al Christie Cameraman: Nagy Ass’t Director: Hagerman Scenarist: Walter Graham Type: Two-reel Comedy Progress: 1st Week
(Camera Vol. 5 No. 42 pg. 17)

UNITED STUDIOS. Nan Collins, Casting 5341 Melrose. M. C. Levee, President. Holly 4080

Lloyd Hamilton Corporation. (Educational release).

Director: Lloyd Bacon Star: Lloyd Hamilton Cameraman: Park Reis Scenarist: Archie Mayo Type: Comedy Progress: Schedule

Jack White Corporation. (Educational release).

Director: Fred Fishback Star: Conley-Adams Cameraman: White Corby Ass’t Director: Rea Hunt Scenarist: Jack White Type: Comedy Progress: Schedule
(Camera Vol. 5 No. 42 pg. 18)

Re: CAMERA Comedy Clippings, January 27, 1923

Posted: Tue Sep 01, 2009 4:19 pm
by Louie Despres
Bruce Calvert wrote:Bruce (who hasn't seen RED LIGHTS yet)

You're not missing much. I saw it at Capitolfest and found it to be awful. In fact, Griffith was probably the only reason I stayed in my seat throughout the picture.

Re: CAMERA Comedy Clippings, January 27, 1923

Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2009 11:05 am
by Joe Moore
Capping Last-Minute Climaxes

John Aasen, of Minot, North Dakota, who is eight feet, nine inches tall, and the most gigantic giant in the world, has joined the Hollywood film colony and will appear in Harold Lloyd comedies. If he scores any kind of success as a photo-player, Aasen is bound to be a big success. (Camera Vol. 5 No. 42 pg. 15)

Pulse of the Studios

For the Week Staring Monday January 29

ROACH STUDIO, Culver City. Warren Doane, Mgr. 761-721
Hal Roach Comedies (Pathe release).

Director: Newmeyer-Taylor Star: Harold Lloyd Cameraman: Walter Lundin Ass’t Director: Robert Golden Type: 5-Reel Comedy Progress: 5th Week.

Director: Parrott-Fay Star: Snub Pollard Cameraman: Roach Doran Ass’t Director: Hackmey Scenarist: Hutchison-Parrott Type: 2-Reel Comedy Progress: Schedule

Director: Jeske-Howe Star: “Paul” Parrott Cameraman: Frank Young Ass’t Director: Henecke-Brandie Scenarist: Staff Type: Comedies Progress: Schedule

Director: McGowan Star: All-Star Cameraman: Len Powers Ass’t Director: C. Morehouse Scenarist: Randall H. Faye Type: “Our Gang” Progress: Schedule

Director: Fred Jackman Star: “Buck” Parrott Scenarist: Fred Jackman Type: “Call of the Wild” Progress: Editing (Camera Vol. 5 No. 42 pg. 18)

Here's what I show being in production at the Roach Studios for the week starting January 29, 1923.

The Lloyd unit continued work on WHY WORRY?

The Pollard unit continued work on THE COURTSHIP OF MILES SANDWICH. This was the last of Snub's two-reelers to go into production.

The Paul Parrott unit finished some retakes on GET YOUR MAN and then did some additional shooting on his current picture, GOOD RIDDNACE.

The Our Gang unit continued it's shooting of DOGS OF WAR.

Shooting began on the Stan Laurel picture UNDER TWO JAGS.

Shooting wrapped on the Dippy Doo Dad pilot DON'T FLIRT.

I should have noted in last week's CAMERA entry that shooting on the first Rex feature, KING OF THE WILD HORSES, had gotten underway on January 27th. It would continue, off and on,until January of the following year.

I also note, with interest, that the canine star of THE CALL OF THE WILD, Buck, is listed here as "Buck" Parrott which makes me wonder if he belonged to either Charles or James Parrott? Anyone know?
Jack Mulhall was the human star of the picture with Walter Long, Sidney D'Albrook, Laura Roessing and Frank Butler in support. These later three would all be regulars in Roach's Spat Family series which would begin production in a few months.
Director Fred Jackman's younger brother, Floyd Jackman, was the film's cameraman. Both Jackmans did a fair amount of work for Roach in the silent era.
Since the film is PD and extant I've always been surprised that Roach's version of THE CALL OF THE WILD hasn't popped up on video/DVD. Anyone here ever seen it?

Well, with these Roach Studio listings, that wraps up this issue of CAMERA Comedy Clippings. I'll be back next week when I start posting the clippings from the December 31, 1921 issue.

Joe Moore