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Re: CAMERA Comedy Clippings, Sept. 29, 1923

Posted: Sun Aug 15, 2010 12:00 pm
by Joe Moore
Pulse of the Studios

For Week Starting Monday, Oct. 1

ROACH STUDIO. Culver City. Warren Doane, Mgr. 761-721

Hal Roach Comedies (Pathe Release).

Director: Jackman Star: All-Star Cameraman: Floyd Jackman Ass’t Director: W. L. Guthrie Scenarist: Staff Type: Feature Progress: Schedule

Director: P. Pembroke Star: Will Rogers Cameraman: Robt. Doran Ass’t Director: Ross Letterman Scenarist: Staff Type: 2-Reel Comedy Progress: Schedule

Director: Geo. Jeske Star: Harry Pollard Cameraman: J. Roach Ass’t Director: Clark Hennecke Type: 1-Reel Comedy Progress: Schedule

Director: Len Powers Star: Animals Cameraman: B. Currigan Ass’t Director: Greeland Scenarist: Staff Type: 1-Reel Comedy Progress: Schedule

Director: Bob McGowan Star: Our Gang Cameraman: Harry Gerstad Ass’t Director: C. Morehouse Type: 2-Reel Comedy Progress: Schedule

Director: J. Howe Star: Stan Laurel Cameraman: Frank Young Ass’t Director: Cruze Scenarist: Staff Type: 2-Reel Comedy Progress: Schedule

(Camera Vol. 6 No. 24 pg. 17)

SENNETT STUDIO. 7425 Sunset Blvd. Dexel 1550

UNITED STUDIOS. 5341 Melrose. M. C. Levee, Pres. Nan Collins, Casting. Holly 4080

Joseph M. Schenck Productions (First National release).

Director: Victor Heerman Star: Constance Talmadge Cameraman: Glen McWilliams Ass’t Director: Edw. Brophy Scenarist: Mace Sullivan Type: “The Mirage” Progress: Preparing

First National Productions.

Director: McDermott Chaplin Star: All-Star Ass’t Director: James Chapin Scenarist: Wm. Dowlin Type: “Temporary Marriage” Progress: 9th Week

Frank Lloyd Productions (First National Release)

Director: Frank Lloyd Star: Griffith-Tearle Cameraman: Norbert Brodin Ass’t Director: Billy Reiter Scenarist: Fred Myton Type: “Black Oxen” Progress: 6th Week

(Camera Vol. 6 No. 24 pg. 18)


Here's a bit more detail on what was going on at the Roach Studios during the first week of October 1923.

Production continued on the KING OF THE WILD HORSES feature.

While TWO WAGONS, BOTH COVERED was still under production by the Will Rogers crew, retakes were also shot on both GEE WHIZ GENEVIEVE and HUSTLIN' HANK..

There was no Snub Pollard film under production at this point but the one-reel comedy unit was busy wrapping up one Charley Chase comedy (A PERFECT LADY) and starting another (POWDER AND SMOKE).

Len Powers continued direction of the Dippy Doo Dads one-reeler THE MAN PAYS.

Stan Laurel's NEAR DUBLIN continued shooting under Ralph Cedar.

Our Gang's production of THE BUCCANEERS continued apace slowing only for some additional shooting on SUNDAY CALM on October 2nd.

Again not mentioned on the CAMERA listings was the Spat Family unit which finished shooting THE DARKEST HOUR, shot retakes on THE GREAT OUTDOORS and began work on POLITICAL PULL.

Joe Moore

Re: CAMERA Comedy Clippings, Sept. 29, 1923

Posted: Mon Aug 16, 2010 6:17 am
by Joe Moore
Pulse of the Studios

For Week Starting Monday, Oct. 1

UNIVERSAL STUDIO. Fred Datig, Casting. 570-081

Universal Film Manufacturing Co. (Universal release.)

Director: Harry Pollard Star: Reginald Denny Ass’t Director: F. Messinger Type: “The Spice of Life” Progress: 6th Week

Director: Irving Cummings Star: Mary Philbin Ass’t Director: Woolstenhume Type: “My Mamie Rose” Progress: 5th Week

Director: Jess Robbins Star: Baby Peggy Ass’t Director: Arthur Type: “The Right to Love” Progress: 3 rd Week

Director: Robert Hill Star: Herbert Rawlinson Ass’t Director: E. Lumley Type: “All for the Love of Gloria” Progress: 5th Week

Jimmy Aubrey Productions.

Director: W. Hayes Star: Aubrey Cameraman: Lyons Ass’t Director: Zimmerman Scenarist: Staff Type: Comedy Progress: Schedule

Laval Photoplay, Ltd., of Canada. L. Ernest Ouimet, Pres and Mgr.

Director: P. Cazeneoye Star: Andre Lafayette Cameraman: Gene Benoit Ass’t Director: Harry Webb Type: “The Vital Question” Progress: 5th Week

VITAGRAPH STUDIOS. 1708 Talmadge. W. S. Smith, Mgr. 598-131

Larry Semon Productions.

WARNER BROS. STUDIOS, 5842 Sunset Blvd. Holly 4181

Warner Brothers Productions.

Director: Johnny Hines Star: Johnny Hines Cameraman: Chas. Gilson Ass’t Director: C. Hines-Roth Type: “Conductor 1492” Progress: 10th Week

Director: Wm. A. Seiter Star: Marsh Gillingwater Ass’t Director: Tenny Wright Type: “Daddies” Progress: 1st Week

Ernest Lubitsch Productions.

Director: Ernest Lubitsch Star: All-Star Cameraman: Paul Perry Ass’t Director: Flood Blanke Type: “The Marriage Circle” Progress: 7th Week

WORLD EDUCATIONAL FILMS. Box 818, Sta. “C”. Los Angeles

Director: Eliason Star: Baby Betty Cameraman: Wm. Field Ass’t Director: F. M. Abbey Scenarist: Robinson Type: 26 1-Reel Globe Trots Progress: Preparing

(Camera Vol. 6 No. 24 pg. 18)

Re: CAMERA Comedy Clippings, Sept. 29, 1923

Posted: Wed Aug 18, 2010 9:47 am
by Joe Moore

Max Graf, supervising director of the Graf Productions, is responsible for another dog-star-to-be. While his “Half-a-Dollar Bill” was under production at San Mateo, Mr. Graf, as he passed a corner in the heart of San Francisco, was attracted to the antics of a dog seated in a taxicab. With a pipe in his mouth, the dog, which belonged to the taxicab driver, went through a repertoire of Ernst Lubitsch now in charge terested that he talked with the owner and placed the dog under contract for the picture. “Irish” is the name of the new screen “find,” who came off with flying colors and was so brilliant at taking direction that the taxicab driver is now arranging his affairs and will come to Hollywood to enter the animal permanently in pictures, where he will be groomed for stardom.
(Camera Vol. 6 No. 24 pg. 10)


Age 10. Drexel 3616

(Camera Vol. 6 No. 24 pg. 20)

Re: CAMERA Comedy Clippings, Sept. 29, 1923

Posted: Sat Aug 21, 2010 11:06 am
by Joe Moore

Waldorf Studio Is To Move Soon

Another Hollywood motion picture studio will move to larger quarters just as soon as a suitable location is definitely settled upon. This time it is the Waldorf Studios, located at Sunset Boulevard and Gower street, that has outgrown its housing accommodations, according to Harry Cohn, general manager and supervising director of the concern.
Among the three locations for the new Waldorf Studios now under consideration by the company officials is a large parcel of land between Universal City and the city of Lankershim and but a short distance from Lankershim Boulevard. This site is ideal for a studio, according to Cohn, because of its accessibility, native beauty and proximity to Hollywood. Also the territory surrounding the proposed studio location has been subdivided into homesites so that employees of the new plant would be enabled to secure a home at moderate cost within easy walking distance of their work.
Plans are now being drawn for the new studio buildings and the Spanish style of architecture will prevail. All of the buildings will be finished in waterproof stucco and the three mammoth stages which will house the various Waldorf units, will be inclosed.
Other buildings incorporated in present plans include a large laboratory, three separate dressing room bungalows, an administration building, a carpenter and electrical shop and a property plant. The total cost of construction will exceed $750,000, it is said.
The Waldorf Studios have long been producing motion picture feature productions for distribution through the offices of C. B. C. Corporation, a large film exchange chain of which Harry Cohn, general manager of Waldorf Studios, is an official. Some of the more recent releases of this concern are “Yesterday's Wife,” “Forgive and Forget,” an all-star special, and “The Marriage Market.”
It is anticipated that negotiations will be concluded for the Lankershim property now under consideration within the next ten days and if the deal is made, construction will follow immediately.

(Camera Vol. 6 No. 24 pg. 10)


Harry Cohn's C.B. C. Corporation, who had been producing a long run of Hallroom Boys comedy shorts, would be renamed in just a matter of months to the name we know it by today-Columbia Pictures.

Well it looks like this a wrap on another issue of CAMERA. I'll be back again next week to start postings on a another issue.

Joe Moore

Re: CAMERA Comedy Clippings, Sept. 29, 1923

Posted: Sat Aug 28, 2010 2:22 pm
by Rob Farr
The issue of Sept. 29, 1923 is now uploaded in toto to the Slapsticon/Mugshots website: