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Re: Silent Comedy Mafia Library: Special Collections

Posted: Thu Sep 22, 2011 3:02 am
by Andrew Sholl
All manner of Chaplin-related oddities:
Oregon State University Libraries ... 4-i.5.html
Southern Illinois University Carbondale ... in#id64866
From the papers of John Howard Lawson (1905-1969), writer, and head of the Hollywood division of the American Communist Party
Series 1: Correspondence, Sub-Series 1, Selected Material -- Box 1, Folder 1: Letters, 1922-1957
Letters of Theodore Dreiser, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Charles Chaplin and others
Series 4: Film -- Box 44, Folder 4: Notes
On Charlie Chaplin and his autobiography ... letter%3DF
Boston University

Comprehensive collection of papers manuscripts, correspondence, professional material, printed material, photographs, scrapbooks, video and audio recordings, memorabilia, and artwork, inc:
Correspondence with Charles Chaplin; Lillian Gish and Buster Keaton
Also photo albums with portraits inc. of George Arliss, John, Ethel, and Lionel Barrymore, Clara Bow, Charlie Chaplin, Cecil B. DeMille, Will Rogers, Gloria Swanson, Rudolph Valentino, Conrad Veidt and Raoul Walsh.

Re: Silent Comedy Mafia Library: Special Collections

Posted: Wed Jul 25, 2012 8:17 pm
by Andrew Sholl
From Luke McKernan’s The Bioscope blog: ... llections/


An online database of digitised materials from the Margaret Herrick Library, named after the Academy’s first librarian. It represents only a tiny proportion of the Library’s holdings, but the 2,500 or so items on offer are richly varied and presented in quite exemplary fashion. They include correspondence, photographs, periodicals, sheet music and star ephemera, along with complete copies of more than 250 Academy publications, dating back to its founding in 1927.

The site is broken down into these individual collections:

Academy Awards Collection
Selected Academy Awards photographs, rule books, programs and ephemera from the Library’s extensive holdings. ... 15759coll9

Academy Publications
Full text issues of member newsletters, annual reports, technical articles and other publications produced by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. ... 15759coll4

Tom B’hend and Preston Kaufmann Collection
Tom B’hend and Preston Kaufmann were collectors of material related to motion picture theaters and theater organs. ... 15759coll5

Cecil B. DeMille Photographs
Selection of items from the Cecil B. DeMille photographs. ... 5759coll14

Alfred Hitchcock Papers
Selected items from the Alfred Hitchcock papers. The collection mostly comprises photographs, including several from Hitchcock’s silent film period. ... 15759coll7

Motion Picture Periodicals
Complete issues of various publications from the library’s collections. The library’s periodical holdings include industry trade publications, fan magazines, technical and scholarly journals, and studio house organs. ... 5759coll11

Movie Star Ephemera
Examples of movie star and fan ephemera and collectibles from across the library’s collections. Items include fan magazine covers, fan club publications and movie star memorabilia, as well as products endorsed by or featuring images of movie stars. The earliest materials date back to the silent era. ... 15759coll8

William Selig Papers
Selection of release fliers and correspondence from the William Selig papers. “Colonel” William N. Selig (1864-1948) was an American producer active in film from 1896 to 1938. He founded the Selig Polyscope Company and co-founded the Motion Picture Patents Company. ... 15759coll1

Sheet Music Collection
Selection of items from the Robert Cushman collection of sheet music. Robert Cushman was an American photograph curator. He was on the staff of the Margaret Herrick Library from 1972 until his death in 2009. He was an avid collector of silent film sheet music, which he mostly obtained from East Coast sheet music dealers. ... 15759coll6

Fred Zinnemann Papers
Selection of photographs from the Fred Zinnemann papers. ... 15759coll2

Adolph Zukor Correspondence
Selected letters and other items from the man who founded Famous Players Film Company and became head of Paramount Pictures.
The documents are presented superbly, with full descriptions, transcripts, assorted display options, download and print options, even the facility to view text and image alongside on another from transcribed documents. It’s a model presentation in every way. ... 15759coll3

Re: Silent Comedy Mafia Library: Special Collections

Posted: Mon Sep 17, 2012 3:55 am
by Andrew Sholl
Interviews with silent era personalities in the Pacific Radio Archives include:

AZ1253, James Wong Howe at the 1974 San Francisco Film Festival
Actuality of Chinese-American cinematographer James Wong Howe talking about his career in Hollywood and taking questions from the audience at the 1974 San Francisco Film Festival following a screening of Funny Lady. Howe tells the audience anecdotes including how he became a camera man, his famous photograph of Mary Miles Minter in which her blue eyes were dark for the first time using orthochromatic film, how he filmed a scene in which a bird lands on Spencer Tracy's hand in The Old Man and the Sea, and how he lit Barbara Streisand's musical numbers in Funny Lady. In the Q&A, Howe also talks about his rocky relationship with John Frankenheimer, his reputation as a "slow" cameraman, his love of black-and-white photography, and the influence of Russian silent directors on his work, among other topics.
Length: 1 reel (53 min) ... _counter=0

BB2012.02, Francis X. Bushman / interviewed by Herbert Feinstein
Silent movie actor discusses his career in 1968
Length: 1 reel (33 min) ... _counter=1

BB2012.03, Harold Lloyd / interviewed by Herbert Feinstein
Silent film maker discusses the early days of Hollywood.
Length: 1 reel (54 min) ... _counter=2

BB2012.29, Lewis Milestone / interviewed by Herbert Feinstein
Film director discusses his career, 1968
Length: 1 reel (28 min) ... _counter=9

Record: BB3863.14, Whatever Became of Viola Dana / interviews by Richard Lamparski
Interviews with television, radio, and film personalities
Length: 31 min ... _counter=3

Record: BB3863.26, Whatever Became of Betty Blythe / interviews by Richard Lamparski
Interviews with television, radio, and film personalities
Length: 30 min ... _counter=4

Record: BB3863.59, Whatever Became of Mary Miles Minter / interviews by Richard Lamparski
Interviews with television, radio, and film personalities
Length: 30 min ... _counter=6

Record: BB3863.33, Whatever Became of Esther Ralston / interviews by Richard Lamparski
Interviews with television, radio, and film personalities
Length: 30 min ... _counter=2

Record: BB3863.50, Whatever Became of Anna Q. Nilsson / interviews by Richard Lamparski
Interviews with television, radio, and film personalities
Length: 30 min ... _counter=6

Record: BC0436.08, Whatever Became of Laura La Plante / interviews by Richard Lamparski
Interviews with television, radio, and film personalities
Length: 30 min ... _counter=0

Record: BC0436.13, Whatever Became of Reginald Gardiner / interviews by Richard Lamparski
British comedian and actor discusses Greta Garbo, the Barrymores, Gracie Fields, Jeanette Macdonald and Nelson Eddy
Length: 30 min ... _counter=5

Re: Silent Comedy Mafia Library: Special Collections

Posted: Fri Jul 10, 2015 12:40 am
by Andrew Sholl
Records at MOMA's Celeste Bartos International Film Study Center

Processed Records
Cecelia Ager, author
George K. Arthur, actor/producer
Artkino, Soviet film distributor
Raoul Barre, animator
Iris Barry, MoMA’s first film curator
Hester Baum, on Asta Nielsen
Biograph Co., production (partially available on microfilm at the Library) ... H_MoMA.pdf
Alice Guy Blache, filmmaker (partially processed)
Thomas Brandon, film distributor
Robert Brotherton, animator
Luis Bunuel
Joseph Burstyn, distributor
John Canemaker, animator
Fabiano Canosa, distributor
Norman Chaitin, filmmaker
Doris Chase, independent filmmaker
Charles Theatre, exhibition
Merritt Crawford, early history of the cinema (access on microfilm at the Library)
Crystal Film Co.
Deanna Durbin, actress
Carol Dempster, actress
Franc N. Dillon
Distribution catalogs
Leo Dratfield, distributor
Carl T. Dreyer, filmmaker
Edison Manufacturing Co., scripts
Ed Emshwiller, filmmaker
Elgin Cinema, exhibition
Equipment Catalogs, 1900–1930
Paul Falkenberg, author
Fan Magazines
Film and Photo League
Hollis Frampton, filmmaker
George L. George, filmmaker
George O. Nicholls Family Collection, scrapbooks
German film, press
Gone with the Wind (1939), scrapbook
D. W. Griffith, director (access on microfilm at the Library)
“Heralds,” press
Jerome Hill, filmmaker
Katherine Hilliker/Harry Caldwell, Jr., editors, writers
Fanny Holtzmann, legal
Theodore Huff, author and collector
Ian Hugo, filmmaker
Josephine Hull, actress
Harry Hurwitz, filmmaker
Thomas Ince/J. Parker Reade, producer
George Justin, production manager
Kalem Film Co./Phil Lang, production
I (Isadore) Klein, animation
George Kleine, distribution
John Michael Korcz, fan (processed partially)
Fritz Lang/You Only Live Once (1937) material
Legion of Decency, censorship
L. A. LePrince, technology
Carl Lerner, film editor
Bernard Lewis, press
Lubin Co., production
Winsor McCay, animation
Norman McClaren, animation
Francis Marion, author
Andrew C. Meyer, filmmaker
Michael Mindlin/Little Carnegie Cinema, exhibition
OIAA, production
Charles Oxenham, exhibitor
David Platt, author
Postcards, early cinema
Posters (processed, partially)
Press books, c. 1917–1980s
Programs, Cinema, c. 1910s–1970s
Publix, exhibition
The Quiet One (1948), scrapbooks
Recordings, silent film era
William F. Reilly, actor
The Residents, performers
Henwar Rodakiewicz, filmmaker
Sheet music, popular music related to the cinema. (partially processed)
Stella Simon, filmmaker
Vistor Sjostrom, filmmaker
Studio Presentation Books, Fox/Paramount/RKO, etc.
Marc Sorkin, author
Souvenir Programs
John Speaks, author
Philip Stapp, filmmaker
Cecile Starr, distribution/women filmmakers
Joel Swensen, executive, Fox
Technicolor Motion Picture Corporation
Paul Terry, animation
Theater 80 St. Marks, exhibition
Ugo Torricelli, independent filmmaker
Jim Tully, author
Charles L. Turner, filmmaker/collector
Helen Van Dongen, editor
Stan Vanderbeek, filmmaker
Helen Vinson, actress
Sonia Volochova, editor
Slavko Vorkapich/Kevles, filmmaker
Lois Weber, filmmaker
Wharton Studio
Jacob Wilk, producer

Unprocessed Records
Lou Bunin, filmmaker/animator
Christian Blackwood, filmmaker
Mary Ellen Bute/Ted Nemeth, filmmakers
Diana Serra Cary, actress
Shamus Culhane, animator
Tissa David, animator
Albert Deane
Dell Publishing, documentation files
Department of Film Archive records
Department of Film Circulating Film records
Department of Film Exhibition records 1991–present (for materials prior to 1991 contact the Museum Archives)
Eight-millimeter (8mm) Collection, technology
George Fenmore, merchandising
Film Import and Trading Co, distribution
Renee Furst, press
Hal Hamilton, postage stamps
Hal Hartley, filmmaker
John, Faith, and Emily Hubley, filmmakers
Leo Hurwitz, filmmaker
Stan Johnson, designer
Kino International, distributor
Arthur Knight, author
Jean Lenauer, author
Jay Ledya, author
Kenneth LiDonnici, technology
Harry McWilliams, press
Nine.five-millimeter (9.5mm) Collection, technology
Pathe Cinema, exhibition
Pathe Newsreel, production
Photoplay, documentation files c. 1912–1935
Leo Seltzer, filmmaker
Martin Sopocy, author
Francis Thompson, filmmaker
Trans-Lux, production
John Hay Whitney, producer
Herman G. Weinberg, author
Douglas Wood, producer

See also ... s_holdings