CAMERA Comedy Clippings, January 13, 1923

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Re: CAMERA Comedy Clippings, January 13, 1923

Postby Joe Moore » Sat Jul 04, 2009 1:42 pm

Pulse of the Studios

For Week Starting Monday January 15

KEATON STUDIO 1025 Lilian Way. Holly 2814

Buster Keaton Productions, Inc. (First National release).

Director: Eddie Cline Star: Buster Keaton Ass’t Direct.: Chick Collins Type: “Three Acres of Land” Progress: 2nd Week

LASKY STUDIOS. L. M. Goodstadt, Casting. 1520 Vine St. Fred Kley, Studio Mgr. Holly 2400

Director: Wesley Ruggles Star: Walter Heirs Cameraman: Charles Schoenbaun Ass’t Direct.: Leo Pierson Scenarist: Albert LeVino Type: “Mr. Billings Spends His Dime” Progress: Editing

METRO STUDIO. Romaine and Cahuenga Ave. Harry Kerr, Casting. Holly 4485

Hunt Stromberg Productions. (Metro Release).

Director: Al Austin Star: Bull Montana Cameraman: Irving Reis Ass’t Direct.: Dick Stevens Scenarist: Staff Type: “The Two Twins” Progress: 3d Week

R-C STUDIO. Melrose and Gower. 780 Gower St. Holly 7780

Individual Productions. (Film Booking Offices.)

Director: Sherwood McDonald Star: Gloria Joy Cameraman: John Thompson Scenarist: Douglas Bronston Type: Comedy-Dramas Progress: Schedule

Director: Carter DeHaven Star: Carter DeHaven Cameraman: K. G. McLean Ass’t Direct.: Cliff Sahn Scenarist: Monty Brice Type: “Say It With Diamonds” Progress: Schedule

UNITED STUDIOS. Nan Collins, Casting 5341 Melrose. M. C. Levee, President. Holly 4080

Jackie Coogan Productions.

Director: Eddie Cline Star: Jackie Coogan Cameraman: Frank Goode Ass’t Director: Harry Weil Scenarist: Eddie Klein Type: “Toby Tyler” Progress: Editing

UNIVERSAL STUDIO. Fred Datig Casting. 570-081

Universal Film Manufacturing Co. (Universal Release).

Director: Hobart Henley Star: Reginald Denny Cameraman: Virgil Miller Ass’t Direct.: Tom Reagan Scenarist: A. P. Younger Type: “The Abysmal Brute” Progress: Editing

Director: Wm. Watson Star: Lewis Sargeant Ass’t Direct: Taylor-Smith Scenarist: Scott Darling Type: Comedy Progress: Schedule

Director: Stuart Paton Star: Neely Edwards Cameraman: Wm. Daniels Ass’t Direct.: A. Thompson Type:Comedy Progress: Schedule
(Camera Vol. 5 No. 40 pg. 18)

Joe Rock Productions (Federated)

Director: Jimmie Davis Star: Joe Rock Cameraman: Reggie Lyons Ass’t Direct.: Murray Rock Scenarist: Davis-Rock Type: 2-Reel Comedy Progress: Schedule
(Camera Vol. 5 No. 40 pg. 19)

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Re: CAMERA Comedy Clippings, January 13, 1923

Postby Joe Moore » Sun Jul 05, 2009 3:48 am

All Roach studio clippings today. Since none of the film titles are listed in the "Pulse of the studios" schedule I'll take a shot at what was actually shooting during the week of January 15th.

The Harold Lloyd film is definitely WHY WORRY.

Paul Parrot's THE SMILE WINS (#C-83) finished up this week and then some additional shots were made on his earlier film BOWLED OVER (#C-80).

Shooting had also begun on the Dippy Doo Dad pilot film DON'T FLIRT (#C-84) about this time.

Snub Pollard spent most of the week shooting additional scenes for the troubled two-reel production IT'S A GIFT (#B-11)-a film that had been shooting on and off since October of the previous year. That done the crew started shooting THE COURTSHIP OF MILES SANDWICH (#B-16) on January 20th.

The OUR GANG crew was still shooting DOGS OF WAR which utilized Lloyd's WHY WORRY set and also featured a cameo by Lloyd.

All of these films are still extant with the possible exception of DON'T FLIRT which I've never seen.


“Dr. Jack” and Harold Lloyd’s popularity won for them a second week’s showing at the Strand theatre. (Camera Vol. 5 No. 40 pg. 6)

Pulse of the Studios

For the Week Staring Monday January 15

ROACH STUDIO, Culver City. Warren Doane, Mgr. 761-721
Hal Roach Comedies (Pathe release).

Director: Newmeyer-Taylor Star: Harold Lloyd Cameraman: Walter Lundin Ass’t Director: Robert Golden Type: 5-Reel Comedy Progress: 3d Week.

Director: Parrott-Fay Star: Snub Pollard Cameraman: Roach Doran Ass’t Director: Hackmey Scenarist: Hutchison-Parrott Type: 2-Reel Comedy Progress: Schedule

Director: Jeske-Howe Star: “Paul” Parrott Cameraman: Frank Young Ass’t Director: Henecke-Brandie Scenarist: Staff Type: Comedies Progress: Schedule

Director: McGowan-M’Namara Star: All-Star Cameraman: Len Powers Ass’t Director: C. Morehouse Scenarist: Tom McNamara Type: “Our Gang” Progress: Schedule (Camera Vol. 5 No. 40 pg. 18)

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Re: CAMERA Comedy Clippings, January 13, 1923

Postby Joe Moore » Mon Jul 06, 2009 12:09 pm

Okay today wraps up the January 13, 1923 issue of CAMERA.

All Educational and Sennett clippings from the issue this go round.

I must say that the pieces on Sennett found in the January 1923 issues are few and frustrating as even the "Pulse of the Studios" doesn't give a single clue as to what was being done at the Sennett Studio at this time. There are a couple of upcoming articles on the Sennett-Mabel Normand feature SUZANNA (in the January 27th issue) but other than that nada on Sennett's doings in early 1923.


Boiled Down and Served Up!

The latest Tony Sarg's Almanack, released by Educational, is "The Haunted Castle."

Jimmie Adams is the barber's victim in"Once Over," the latest of Educational's new series of one-reel Cameo Comedies.

"Pest of the Storm Country," evidently a burlesque of Mary Pickford's "Tess of the Storm Country," will serve as the vehicle for an early stellar screen appearance for Louise Fazenda. This comedy will be released as a special by Educational.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes story, "The Man With the Twisted Lip," has been made into a two-reel picture, and will be released by Educational as one of the series on The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

"Garden of Geysers," the next release of Lyman H. Howe's Hodge-Podge, shows interesting views of geysers in Yellowstone National Park and contains also some clever animated cartoons and trick phoptography.

"Hazel From Hollywood", a new Christie comedy, was designed with the idea of not only making people laugh, but to serve as a warning to movie-struck girls who are bent on leaving home for flyers in the film world of Hollywood, according to a statement just issued.

Ruth Hiatt has been so successful as a leading lady to Lloyd Hamilton that she has been retained to play in all of the remainder of that comedian's present series. In "Extra, Extra!" the latest Hamilton mirth film, Miss Hiatt is said to give an exceptionally fine performance. (Camera Vol. 5 No. 40 pg. 10)

Possibly About You And-You!

Al Christie has engaged Hazel Deane, one of the rising young leading ladies of the film world, to play in his comedies beginning with the next picture which Mr. Christie will personally direct. Miss Deane came to Los Angeles from Vancouver a little less than eleven months ago and has already played leads in comedies-with Mack Sennett-and was recently the leading lady in a series of Western features. (Camera Vol. 5 No. 40 pg. 12)


Robert C. Bruce, creator of Wilderness Tales for Educational, has returned to New York after making the second series of these scenic dramas in the mountain and lake regions of the Northwest and the less inhabited portions of the Pacific coast.
Mr. Bruce made several excursions from his headquarters in Portland, Ore., in search of material and settings for his various subjects. His journeys carried him down the coasts of Oregon and California all the way to the Mexican border. Most of the time, however, was spent in the Northwest mountain country.
The party was seriously inconvenienced by the unusually heavy smoke in the pacific Northwest, caused by widespread forest fires. On one occasion they were obliged to remain in camp 35 days in order to do four days camera work.
Mr. Bruce's new series will contain a sea picture, which he believes will be even more popular than the first of his Wilderness Tales, "And Women Must Weep." This picture was the first single reel subject and the first of a scenic nature ever classified as an exceptional picture by the National Board of Review in its publication, "Exceptional Photoplays," while in England, the Manchester Guardian declared "And Women Must Weep" and two other subjects of this series to be the finest artistic gems which had ever come out of America. (Camera Vol. 5 No. 40 pg.1 4

Pulse of the Studios

CHRISTIE COMEDIES. Harry Edwards, Casting. 6101 Sunset. C. H. Christie, Gen. Mgr. Holly 3100

Director: Harry Beaudine Star: Neal Burns Cameraman: Peterson Ass’t Director: LaVelle Scenarist: Conklin Type: Two-Reel Comedy Progress: Finishing

Director: Al Christie Star: Henry Murdock Cameraman: Archie Stout Ass’t Director: Hagerman Scenarist: Conklin Type: Two-Reel Comedy Progress: Editing

Director: Scott Sidney Star: Bobby Vernon Ass’t Director: Clemens Scenarist: Robert Hall Type: Two-reel Comedy Progress: 1st Week
(Camera Vol. 5 No. 40 pg. 17)

UNITED STUDIOS. Nan Collins, Casting 5341 Melrose. M. C. Levee, President. Holly 4080

Lloyd Hamilton Corporation. (Educational release).

Director: Lloyd Bacon Star: Lloyd Hamilton Cameraman: Park Reis Scenarist: Archie Mayo Type: Comedy Progress: Schedule

Jack White Corporation. (Educational release).

Director: Fred Fishback Star: Conley-Adams Cameraman: White Corby Ass’t Director: Rea Hunt Scenarist: Jack White Type: Comedy Progress: Schedule

SENNETT STUDIO. 1712 Gelndale Blvd. Wils. 1550
Mack Sennett Comedies. (First National Release).
(Camera Vol. 5 No. 40 pg. 18)


For the record, release dates for the Educational films listed by name above are as follows.


ONCE OVER (12-10-22)


THE MAN WITH THE TWISTED LIP (This had been made in Britain in 1921 and already released there but I'm not sure of the American release date.)



EXTRA, EXTRA! (2-25-23)


HAZEL FROM HOLLYWOOD and the MAN WITH THE TWISTED LIP are extant but I'm not sure about any of the other titles. The Bruce scenic sounds interesting seeing as how it was copping those various accolades.

This was Louise Fazenda's second association with Educational as she had previously appeared in three two-reel Punch Comedies that Educational released in the Fall of 1921. She didn't last much longer this go-round either as she only made three two-reelers for Jack White that were released in the first half of 1923.

Rob Farr will have this issue of CAMERA Comedy Clippings up at his mugshots website archive soon and I'll start transcribing the January 20, 1923 here in a couple of days.

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