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SCM Ranks

Posted: Mon Jun 01, 2009 4:42 pm
by SCM Admin
Wonder what the rank by your name means? Here is a list of terms:

GODFATHER: Reserved for heads of the Family; Founders; Capo di tutti capi; aka - don. Due the highest level of respect. (Administrators)

CAPO: A top ranking member of the Family who heads a crew of soldiers; a skipper (Long term, deeply dedicated members)

ASSOCIATE: Someone who works with the wiseguys, but who hasn't officially been sworn in as a member of the Family as certain appearances must be kept. (A respectful term for our "legitimate business" goombahs)

ENFORCER: One who "handles" those who do not cooperate with Family rules. (Moderators)

CUGINE: A young tough looking to be made. (Standard membership)

How do I move up in rank?

If we told you we would have to whack you. Leave such matters to the Capo di tutti capi.

I don't like my rank.

Two words for you, Pally: Horse Head.
Think about it.