Kino's OUR HOSPITALITY blu-ray is in my hands

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Richard M Roberts
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Re: Kino's OUR HOSPITALITY blu-ray is in my hands

Postby Richard M Roberts » Thu Apr 21, 2011 3:54 am

Yep, that does appear to be Keaton, but thats not the same actor playing the indian who climbs up onto the train, and that was the one that was being argued the afternoon we were looking at it.

BTW, Blackhawk did not cut-down the generally circulating print of THE IRON MULE, that was the cut that was released in Kodascope/library prints and was later copied by Blackhawk. For some reason, they only released a one-reel version of the film in the home prints. The MOMA material was fron the Prague Archives I believe, and is most likely a foreign negative.


Ben Model
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Re: Kino's OUR HOSPITALITY blu-ray is in my hands

Postby Ben Model » Thu Apr 21, 2011 11:44 am

FYI, the MoMA print has an intertitle not in the kodascope version that is in their print in Czech (I believe it introduces the golfer, and I think there's one other), and I alerted Bret W to these as well as to the fact that the Czech print lacked the insert of the toupee label. Bret grabbed the insert from the other version, and created an english intertitle(s) for the Czech one(s) in the MoMA print. So, the version on the Blu-Ray/HD release is a tad more complete than what you've seen in the MoMA print.


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