Slapsticon notes: YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU (1933) Stanley Lupino, Thelma Todd

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Slapsticon notes: YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU (1933) Stanley Lupino, Thelma Todd

Postby Richard M Roberts » Tue Jul 03, 2018 5:38 pm

YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU (British International Pictures-Wardour Films (UK Distributor)- Majestic Pictures (USA Distributor) British Release Date: August 3, 1933, American Release Date: May 31, 1934)

Director: Monty Banks, Writers: Frank Launder, Stanley Lupino,Producers: Julius Haimann, John Maxwell, Cinematographer: Jack E. Cox, Editor: Bert Bates, Art Direction: David Rawnsley, Sound: A.E. Randolph, Music Director: Harry Acres.

Cast: Stanley Lupino, Thelma Todd, John Loder, Gerald Rawlinson, Jane Carew, Charles Mortimer, Hugh E. Wright, Charlotte Perry, Arthur Rigby, Syd Crossley, Monty Banks.

Slapsticon has been showing comedies starring Lupino Lane and his Brother Wallace Lupino since time in memoriam, now here’s a look at another branch of that venerable theatrical family. Stanley Lupino, cousin to those Lupinos we know and love, and Father to actress Ida Lupino, was perhaps the biggest star in the Lupino Family Tree at the time, a West End Legend who‘d been headlining in London since the teens. He came to films late, as many stage stars did, waiting for talkies to show his magic with song and dance as well as his comedy. Stanley’s first film was LOVE LIES (1931) , which he also wrote, and it’s success guaranteed a string of light musical-comedy vehicles throughout the 1930’s.

YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU is prime Stanley Lupino, made more prime by his co-starring with Thelma Todd, who was over in England promoting THE DEVILS BROTHER with Fra Diavolo himself, Dennis King, when her boss Mr. Roach decided to pick up some extra cash and loan her out to BIP for this film. It’s a modern-day redo of Shakespeare’s TAMING OF THE SHREW as Tom Daly (Stanley Lupino) spies Pamela Berne (Thelma Todd) one day in a passing auto, and swayed by her beauty, is determined to find and woo her, not knowing that beauty is skin deep, and her shrewish personality is less than appealing.

Shrew indeed, but one darn sexy shrew, Thelma never looked better. Apparently the patented bad British cooking did not agree with her, because Thelma was never so svelte and nicely gowned as well. As eye-candy alone, this picture is worth the time. Yet Director Monty Banks was no slouch in the comedy department either, being a silent comedy star and, as more of his British directorial efforts come to light proving no slouch behind the camera either. Banks keeps YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU light and fluffy, playing on the personal charms of his starring players, and making it all playful and fun, while even managing a nice little cameo for himself as he did in many of his 30’s pictures.

Watch for supporting player Syd Crossley as well. Crossley had been a supporting comic at Hal Roach in the 20’s, teaming with Clyde Cook in the 1925 STARVATION BLUES, and nearly pairing with Stan Laurel several times, but for some reason kept being replaced by that Hardy chap. We guarantee that YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU will warm even the most curmudgeonly of our Slapsticon attendees (even if they won’t probably admit it). Stanley Lupino at last gets some recognition this side of the pond for his light comic style which he continued to purvey throughout the thirties until ill health forced his retirement at the start of World War II and caused his early passing in 1942. And hey, a lustful look at Thelma Todd at her loveliest is always worth the price of admission. Be There.


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