NItrateville Correction: SKY HIGH (1922)

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NItrateville Correction: SKY HIGH (1922)

Postby Richard M Roberts » Wed May 25, 2022 5:35 am

I have to correct a recent statement made by Ben Model regarding his current Kickstartered Tom Mix Blu-Ray:

and the 1922 Mix film SKY HIGH, in which he states:

"This film has never been available on home video. (Unless you count a 2010 release by Alpha that silentera says is almost unwatchable.)"

Well, sorry Ben, but I'm afraid that is incorrect:

In fact, the Grapevine release even comes from the same print material that Ben will be using, as the nitrate print original 1922 release version was discovered by my old friend Gary Lacher back in the early 1970's and donated to the American Film Institute, whose collection is now at LOC. Grapevine used Gary's 35mm print for their release.

Yes, SKY HIGH has been out on home video for quite a while.


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